Thanks, Dad

Bloggers, radio hosts and TV pundits are still talking about that weird co-press conference Obama and Clinton gave Friday. They should. It was one of the most bizarre political events ever.

Obama looked “whipped” as some put it. His suit was ill fitting. He looked sour. Once he ceded the podium to Clinton, the 42nd president grabbed it like a lifeline thrown to a drowning cruise ship passenger.  Then Obama made his little joke about not wanting to keep Michelle waiting at the Christmas party and exited abruptly.

He looked like a wimp. He looked like a kid calling on dad to extricate him from something unpleasant. He looked henpecked. It’s not the look you feel good about coming from the leader of the free world.

Was the teleprompter broken? Did Obama forget the anger the Clintons felt over their primary loss? Has he never seen “The Godfather?” Being weak in front of your enemy rarely ends well. Is he tired of being president? Clinton was only too happy to fill that vaccuum. You get the feeling Clinton is always within a zip code of the White House, ready to Alexander Haig it when the current occupant isn’t there.

Andrew Morton at the Los Angeles Times has a good photo essay of the event with snarky cutlines provided. You can see it at  You can imagine how the press would have viewed Bush asking his dad’s help at a press conference. That would have led the nightly news for days.

Democrat apologists have chosen to turn this lemon into lemonade by praising Obama’s openness to help. You wonder how they do it without choking. However, they are so used to spreading their lies that they do it with aplomb. But I don’t really think the American public buys it.

Partly we don’t because Obama has pulled this before. In the Chicago Senate his votes were mostly “present.” He didn’t like being tied down to a decision. When pastor Rick Warren asked him about his view on abortion he said that was something “above my pay grade.” During the campaign Obama didn’t like pesky questions from reporters. Remember “Can’t I just eat my waffle?”

It’s hard, no impossible, to see him amid the rubble of the World Trade Center telling the firefighters that the whole world would soon see what we would do.  You can’t imagine him comforting the families of terrorist victims. He is incapable of an optimism uplifting to the whole nation.

The press conference showed that when the going gets tough, Obama will get going too. Unfortunately, the American public can’t.

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