Memphis Reporter Praises Trick

What happened at the Trump rally in Tulsa, where AOC and the Progressives got their followers to order tickets and then not show up, preventing Trump supporters from attending the rally and leaving empty stands, was childish, stupid and un American.

Yet one Memphis reporter, Jackson Baker, cheered. Not only that, but was thrilled that his granddaughter participated in the lie and trickery.

On facebook he wrote, “My granddaughter Eva, who lives in Atlanta, was one of the Tik Tok kids who flooded the Trump campaign with false requests for tickets as a means of aggravation. She used the name ‘Dum Young Ho.’ Bless her.”

How pathetic! Bless her? For lying? I’m not sure that’s part of the Christianity I participate in. Nor would I want my granddaughter to use a name like that. Not only does it reflect poorly on women’s self image, isn’t it also a slur on Asians? He should be ashamed.

Some comments on Facebook challenged him. One wrote, “Oh as a respected journalist you condone this stupidity. Unbelievable!”

He replied, “I’m not reporting on Trump’s speech. This is Facebook, and I made a personsal (sic) observation. I’m not on a media assignment, Ray.. Can you not tell the difference?” The typical knee jerk liberal reaction – You’re an idiot.

He didn’t like the reaction: “Look it, those of you who choose to be abusive. I appreciate my granddaughter’s attempts to come of age and express herself. Granted, via a prank. If you continue to be abusive, you’re going to be ungrounded (sic) and/or blocked.”

By abusive, he meant contradicted.

Then he added, “I wouldn’t call a children’s prank ‘dirty tricks,’ Jerry.” Well, she’s not a child, Jackson, if she wants to vote. Neither is it a prank. Many people were stopped from doing what they had wanted to do and if it didn’t have political ramifications, why did he praise her?

Others loved it. One wrote that she had ordered tickets, too. “Tricked ’em” she said.

The best comeback was this one: “Your grand daughter said it, not me. A bunch of dumb young ho’s that are the future ruin of our country with their socialist Marxist agenda.”

Let these misguided people take their chuckles now. They won’t be laughing on November 3rd. Crying, more likely.

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