We’ve had four years of ridiculous impeachment attempts. That ended, only to have Covid 19 surface. After months, people began to resume their business. Then protests erupted all over the country. We were told we were racists. Our history is racist. Our country is the most racist in the world. We’ve been asked to humiliate ourselves for something none of of – NONE OF US – did: Slavery.

With an election coming up, the Left is in full attack mode. Is it a surprise? They play dirty and think nothing of it. It’s easy to destroy and curse; much harder to build and praise.

Even the most optimistic among us can feel demoralized.

Last night I turned on Tucker Carlson only to hear him talk about how Trump might lose. He painted quite an ugly scenario. A Fox News poll has Trump trailing the imbecile Biden by 12 points. Other polls have him down, too. Of course we expect it of the liberal media groups, but having Fox declare this is scary.

Only thing is, the Fox News poll is as bogus as the others. It has a terrible track record. I don’t think it ever gave Trump a lead in 2016. Ever. Fox polls use a statistically insignificant sample heavily skewed towards Democrats as well as over sampling by using Democrat one party rule states.

Do you think all of this has deterred or swayed any Trump voter? If anything, it has made us more determined to vote for him. Those who were dubious in 2016 are rock solid for him today.
What is happening right before our eyes and droolingly served up by the media – people looting, destroying statues and screaming – shows us just what the Left has in store for us.
No rational American likes the picture of anarchy and chaos the Left has brought us. Scenes of crazed white Karens harassing police are bound to sway independents. Nobody likes to be berated, especially by screaming young virtue signalers.

The realization that Black Lives Matter might just be a mask for Marxists has begun to dawn on people, too. Even some blacks, like Muhammed Ali’s son and others have understood that the movement isn’t really about them or for them.

Interestingly, Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade said this morning that he’s never seen so many upset people call his radio show. They are scared by the violence and the tearing down of our culture. He said the level of interest tops even Covid 19.

Is any poll going to accurately measure this? Especially when they purposefully don’t contact conservatives?

The biggest threat we face is voter fraud. The Dems have sharpened their skills at it for decades. They know how to use the courts to advance fraud.

Even so, can you really picture Donald J. Trump letting this happen? He doesn’t like to lose. He has the energy and courage to fight. He will fight and he will win again.

As the saying goes, never bet against Donald J. Trump. I don’t.

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