This Is Your Democrat Party

Yes, it’s come to this. Democrats now say celebrating the 4th of July is racist; specifically white supremacist.

They took this down after a little while. Guess they got nervous that their true intentions might turn off, say 95% of Americans.

But they count on historical illiteracy especially among our young people. Wasn’t the revolution about us throwing off our masters? The same masters who brought us slavery? Didn’t Native Americans and blacks help us? Can you just make history squeeze into whatever mold you want?
The Democrats believe that. Perhaps that’s why Sleep Joe said he believes truth over facts.

You have to also ask when has Trump disrespected Native Americans? Example please. When has he attempted to limit their voting rights or blocked any critical pandemic relief for them? Again, no examples cited. Typical Democrat tactic; make some terrible but vague claims, but never gives facts.

Was it when he made November Native American heritage month? When he honored the service of Navajo code talkers in WWII? When his administration asked Attorney General William Barr to address the crisis of missing and slain Native American women? Or again, when Barr traveled to Alaska to discuss with Native Americans federal aid and more authority for tribes to prosecute crimes in remote communities where there is a lack of law enforcement? Or when he appointed the first Alaska Native as assistant secretary for Indian Affairs?

If you search “Trump Native Americans honor” you interestingly get this same headline “Trump Honors Native Americans, U.S. Founders in Same Month.” ABC, VOA, US News and 14 other news outlets. The left took umbrage that Native Americans and our Founders should be honored in the same month. Actually, it makes a lot of sense and gives them credit.

Just when you think the Dems couldn’t get any crazier, they do something like this.

The one “virtue” they have – at least for our side – is that they always overreach. They can’t quit while they’re ahead. Dems always have to put their foot on the accelerator. Let’s hope this time they’ve gone over the cliff.

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