Memphians Rally to the Flag

This was a heartening story in the Daily Memphian.

It must have pained them to write it. It’s surprising they didn’t attribute it to White Supremacists.

Oddly enough, former Midtown Republican Club president turned Democrat, Sam Goff, was in charge of the event. He has been an adamant never Trumper since the 2016 primaries. It may cause his newly loved party some indigestion that he would indulge in patriotism.

Memphians for America quickly sold out of their embroidered U.S. flags on Saturday, June 27.

And the 51-year-old organization’s few remaining volunteers also received multiple pledges of reinforcement Saturday from future volunteers, even teenage ones.

All of which buoyed the spirits and optimism among participants that Memphians for America will live on.

The Saturday before each Fourth of July since 1969, the loosely knit group has sold U.S. flags and flag-and-pole kits at the corner of Poplar and Colonial in East Memphis.

But membership has shrunk so much in recent years that, earlier in the week, leaders told The Daily Memphian they expected this year’s event to be the last.

However, their tune changed halfway through the 8 a.m.-to-1 p.m. sales event on Saturday.

“Typically, we do $1,500 in sales. But we’re getting close to $3,000,” leader Sam Goff said at 11 a.m.

Having quickly run out of stock – $16 flags and $25 flag/pole sets – Goff invited customers to give their names and contact information and Memphians for America would order more flags.

The list grew long.

Just as heartening for the group were pledges of volunteer support.

“We’ve had volunteers from Christian Brothers High School who volunteered to work next year,” Goff said. “… We need to get some younger ones, so I’m really excited about the Christian Brothers High School kids.”

Also offering a hand next year were Republican Women of Purpose and someone involved with Leadership Memphis, Goff said.

“And I’ve had individuals coming up like crazy saying ‘We want to help keep this going,’” Goff said.

He added, “We’re pretty excited.”

Oddly enough also, the DM inserted this underlined summary line in the text after the first sentence: “Memphians for America may fade away after Saturday’s flag sale.” It opposes the whole point of the story, but how else can you obfuscate and propagandize? Many will just read that line.

Maybe our side is beginning to be “woke.” In the good sense.

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