Alito to Retire?

Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito has been a staunch conservative vote since Bush 43 appointed him (lucky for us or just a miscalculation on Bush’s part? I wonder).

Newsweek editor Josh Hammer tweeted: “These rumors—which we heard months ago before they initially died down—have indeed really picked up steam over the past couple of weeks. Sam Alito is a terrific justice who would be difficult to replace, but we should all hope he makes the best decision for his family.”

WaPo’s Robert Costa also chimed in, “After reading my latest Post report, @hughhewitt tells his radio audience this morning that he hears from several leading conservatives that Justice Alito, 70, is considering retirement, and adds that he also hears the Alito family is ready to leave Washington, D.C.”

Well who could blame him? DC is a terrible place for a sane person to live. Who knows what threats he and his family have endured or what insults they get regularly?

This is the time of year Justice Kennedy told Trump he wanted to leave the bench. It makes sense to do so after their session ends.

Alito has been a bulwark, but if he is going to retire, this is probably a good time to do so. It would make for a hell of a campaign issue motivating our side. It would also ensure that Trump would put in a conservative and Mitch McConnell could see it carried through. The way Senators are acting, who knows if we can hold it again after the election?

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