A Glaring Inclusion

Yesterday Mayor Strickland sent around his end of the week email.
He discussed the Covid situation and then moved on to talk about reforming the police department.
It was eye opening.
He wrote: “As I told you last week, we are working every day to improve our Memphis Police Department and its relationship with the public. I also said that we would come up with a process by which more citizens can express their opinions and make proposals.

“The foundation for every relationship is based on trust and that trust is built on honesty and transparency. In an effort to continue building that trust with the public, we announced earlier in this week the creation a new website for the department—https://reimagine.memphistn.gov/…

“This new site will provide proper guidance and understanding to any individual or group interested in truly learning what our officers do and don’t do. And, importantly, it will also allow everyone to submit questions, suggestions, and general feedback about how we can be better.”

So who’s he been listening to?

“As I said last week, Black Lives Matter Memphis made dozens of recommendations, and these are being studied by our team.

“With respect to other groups who have submitted recommendations like, MICAH, a group of Memphis nonprofits, and the Democratic Socialists of America Memphis Chapter—we agree with and have implemented most of their suggestions, such as those listed above. The only items concerning policing on which we disagree are:

Defunding the Memphis Police Department
Prohibiting the use of chokeholds even if the life of the officer is in danger
Prohibiting firing a gun into a vehicle even if the life of the officer or a citizen is in danger
Prohibiting the use of tear gas or rubber bullets under any circumstances
Placing a hold on any and all I.C.E. operations in Memphis (it is beyond the authority of a city to ‘place a hold’ on federal operations).”

Why on earth would any American governing group listen to the Democrat Socialists of America? Worse, they went along with many of them!

Has the Democrat partly completely been swallowed up by the Socialists?

Notice he had no input from conservatives there. Doesn’t even consider it. I bet individual citizens without a name that carries some heft – old line, progressive or money – don’t even get looked at. MICAH is pretty left wing as are most non profits.

Citizen in put, not so much.

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