Buycott Is Working

Yesterday I was grocery shopping at a Kroger in town. I was curious to see if there were many Goya products on the shelves.

If you recall, the Goya CEO was at the White House last week participating in a business leader discussion with President Trump. He had nice things to say about Trump. That set the Left off in howls. After all, minorities belong to them and the idea that a Latino could support him outraged them, especially AOC. She immediately tweeted that the company should be boycotted.

Social Justice Warriors soon got on the band wagon. There is nothing they love more than to pick a target, go after it and feel good about themselves.

However, a backlash brewed. Others insisted it was time to go out and buy Goya foods in support of them.

It appears to be working. I see reports from all over the country that shelves of Goya products are sold out.

So when I went to Kroger, I wondered what I would find. This was a very large Kroger in suburbia, so I wasn’t sure if residents there would care enough to do similarly.

Evidently they do. All canned goods by Goya except coconut water were sold out. There were a few bags of dried beans, so that was what I bought.

So often our side is made to feel that we are alone in support of the president or that we are alone in our conservative views. The silent majority doesn’t get any publicity.

Yet people were quietly supporting our side.

Many will lament about the polls and feel that we are doomed. That’s exactly what they want us to think. The mayor of Atlanta comes out and says Georgia will go blue this year and many of us swallow hard and believe it. She has no particular political insight otherwise Stacy Abrams would be Georgia’s governor. Notice that when it comes to facts, the Left ignores them. Why? They are not favorable to them.

I like what Lee Smith tweeted. Part concerns the presidential election, but he is spot on. He said, “No, push forward. Their line is weak. Their argument is what—protecting American jobs from Chinese Communist Party is … racist? And they use a confused kid like Colin Kaepernick to rationalize undermining all Americans? Push on them, they’re weak. They’re all profit, no soul.”

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