Hagerty or Manny for Senate?

Tennesseans don’t want to be stuck with a Senator like Mitt Romney. We’ve had some Republicans in the past who have let us down when it comes to conservative values.

With a Senate seat up for grabs in November and early voting underway we want to make sure we get a good conservative to help President Trump.

There are many candidates on the list, but it boils down to Dr. Manny Sethi or Bill Hagerty.
I received this email concerning them from Dr. Lee Douglas:


Our recent discussion was more on Hagerty than Sethi and as mentioned, I received an “October Surprise” on Dr. Sethi which is in an ad playing prominently on the radio. In a nutshell the charges are:

1. Sethi, in med school, never registered as a Republican—True–Did he register as a Democrat? No. Who cares?

2. Sethi was a Trustee for Mass. Med Society, (MMS), who endorsed Obamacare—In Boston, would anyone think the MMS was unlike the AMA—one of America’s most liberal organizations? Think Ted Kennedy, Elizabeth Warren when you think Boston.

3. In Sethi’s book, he complimented the “Canadian, European and French” Healthcare System. This is truly very sloppy. The link is only about France and is about a satisfaction level of the French patients and the French dual (Private vs Public) Provider services. French delivery of medicine was ranked by its citizens along with that ever-corrupt WHO as number 1. The final statement of this excerpt highlights the benefit of competition. It’s says that Sethi favors a Bernie Sanders system. This is inaccurate. Just not true.

4. Sethi was a Finalist for the Prestigious ‘Class of White House Fellows’, an honor even if Woodrow Wilson had been president. Was it an application to work for Obama? No, it was an effort to be among exceptional persons in the highest government circles.

5. Sethi donated to a Democrat. Yes, he really did. In his twenties, he gave $50 to a Democrat. Guilty. Also Sethi (foolishly, I believe) gave $100 to a state legislature who supported abortion. As with Hagerty, it goes to Sethi’s judgment.

6. Sethi co-authored in 2014 a paper “favoring Romneycare”. Before thoroughly reading this paper, I accepted the premise of its title but now realize these charges are fully bogus and a distortion of what his paper was. It WAS NO ENDORSEMENT. Romneycare began four years (2006) prior to Obamacare (2010) The claim is that Sethi’s paper affirmed Romneycare conflated with the MMS possible support of Obamacare. THIS IS FALSE. His paper was written in 2014, had seventeen paragraphs and was wholly a description of the mechanics of an Insurance Exchange as part of Obamacare. It closes with the postulation: “but if it is carefully designed, it can facilitate and monitor the movement of the system toward achievement of many national healthcare reform goals.” Also the paper’s eleventh chapter, speaking of other Insurance Exchanges says: “In Texas,…within 6 years, however, the exchange had failed… Exchanges in Florida, California, and North Carolina have all had a similar fate.” Does that sound to you like an endorsement of Romneycare or Obamacare? Final point on this paper favoring Romneycare…whoever put together this exposé on Sethi failed to notice that Sethi co-authored this paper with pre-eminent Republican, former Senate Majority Leader, Bill Frist.

Whoever is Team Hagerty, they did sloppy work in both the details of the research as well as their conclusions or implications. This effort does not speak well of Bill Hagerty if he had any association with these goof balls. I’d be equally critical if any Sethi people put out something like this. I’m all about a good fight but the cost to re-shape the meaning of something from decades ago is too high…a price any Democrat is willing to pay but we mustn’t.

Regarding time and regarding judgment. As I’ve reminded you, at 26 my first ever presidential vote was for Jimmy Carter. I’ve had enough time to form my own opinions and none of you would ever imagine me being so foolish again. My apprehension in this election is the fear of again electing another self-described conservative like Corker or Alexander. Sethi, donating to an abortion-minded Democrat when he’s only 28, while still with unformed ideas about principles and values is different than being in your fifties, as Bill was, and signing on to support Jeb Bush. To me, Rubio is more understandable for Bill to have supported but as much as some of my friends will like him, I wonder if they don’t have a hidden fear that Bill’s attractiveness to people like Bush, Haslam, et al., isn’t a harbinger of a non-specific mindset. You are my closer friends, most of us could never have been a band of brothers with Haslam or Bush, there are too many philosophical policy differences upon which you and I could never have compromised. It’s those principles, the values, and the need inside of us to satisfy that hunger with justice that makes us different and who we are. If you don’t know who to support, pray. Scriptures say that, “You have not because you ask not”. Ask.

Our friend, David Fowler has a recorded interview of Manny Seth here if you care to see it.

Sethi’s response to these claims is here:

I’ll be honest and direct with you.

This is a desperate attack by Bill Hagerty. He is losing and resorting to attacking with misleading attacks. I have always opposed socialized medicine, and my time as a Harvard medical student and part of a medical society doesn’t change that. I applied for a non-partisan position with the White House, unlike Bill Hagerty, who actually worked for President Obama and Bill Clinton.

I have never bankrolled Democrats. The truth is, a decade ago, I gave $50 to a friend of a friend without knowing who it was. I never would have done that, except for being an overtired medical student. Bill Hagerty and his team went negative over a $50 donation, all the while he donated $1000 to Al Gore when he was running against Bush.

I was proud to support Donald Trump in 2016 in the primaries, While Bill Hagerty and his wife were both on the March 2016 Presidential Primary as Jeb Bush delegates and donated a big check to Marco Rubio when Jeb got out of the race. I actually supported Donald Trump from the beginning. I even gave $10,000 to his campaign via victory funding in May of 2016 in support of President Trump

Those in both camps, you have a duty to ask the tough questions before the election. Sit Bill or Sethi down and ask if he sees any future to grant immigration amnesty or to make DACA permanent law. Is he willing to refuse to go along with increasing the national debt or which bills is he willing to sacrifice to surrender this serious issue? As the Maury County Tea Party did with Scott DesJarlais (who has become a very reliable conservative), is there a core of you to whom he will answer or do you intend to let your candidate go free range, doing whatever he believes is best? Ask him if he favors repealing the 17th amendment. I especially favor legislation defining the 14th amendment as it was written (which some unknown bureaucrat changed in the 70s.) You have a duty to the rest of us. Please be bold.


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