Left in Their Own World

A person calling himself “St. Floyd” on Americanthinker blog had a great summation of Democrat/Progressive/Leftist/SJWs:

The left seems to be in a perpetual fight with reality. Six months ago they were fighting the weather now they fight germs. As activists they desperately need a cause to get behind, attempting to fill a void left by a lack of spirituality or knowledge of God. In their omnipotence they seek to guide the rest of us to utopia.

Under the guise of caring for others they cannibalize their fellow man and smother us into submission with a nanny state. A photo op for social media is the currency they trade in. Marketing themselves as worthy global citizens to partake in the grand utopia to be foisted upon us for our own good of course. This is psychopathy and any person in such a mental state cannot be reasoned with.

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