Dr. Manny Is the Cure

Tomorrow we vote for a few candidates.
One of the most watched races and most important is that of the Republican primary for Lamar Alexander’s Senate seat.

There have been a lot of negative ads about Dr. Manny Sethi, implying that he is not conservative. He is. In my opinion, he is just the kind of person we need in Washington – an outsider from the real world who isn’t beholden to special interests.

Bill Hagerty, on the other hand, has been in politics a long time. He was most recently ambassador to Japan. He has the backing of President Trump, which means if he loses the media will cackle and say Trump is losing his supporters.

It couldn’t be more untrue.

Trump was advised to back Bill Hagerty before Sethi was much of a factor. The usual group of pro RINO people probably told him Hagerty could win. However, Sethi is much more in line with Trump. He is also unlikely to buck him because of special interests (read China) or because his buddy Mitt Romney tells him to do. Hagerty has aligned himself with the Utah Senator.

I like the people Sethi runs with – Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mark Levin and other conservative stalwarts. That tells me a lot. How many times have we heard Republican candidates promise that they will adhere to our beliefs, then get to Washington and promptly betray us? Too many to count.

I like Sethi’s plain speaking as when he recently said, “…this guy Fauci, I’ve had about enough of this guy. And I think maybe it’s time for the president to take him into the board room and say, ‘you’re fired.'” Hagerty, on the other hand, has criticized Fauci, but not called for his removal. That’s the kind of limp wristed Republican response most of us hate.

The media did not like calls for Fauci’s dismissal, nor did they like Sethi’s support of hydroxychloroquine, which has become a symbol of their hatred for Trump.

Dr. Manny also criticized Big Tech for censoring views not in line with theirs and “who have Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Hagerty appears to agree about Big Tech, but I can’t see him doing much about it.

If Hagerty loses tomorrow, the media will say it’s a loss for Trump. It won’t be. It will be a win.

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