Trump Not Their Cup of Tea

I don’t know what the normal Briton thinks, but the British TV media despises Trump.

There’s not an American topic they cover that views him as anything less than a monster. It’s grotesque and unfair to say the least.

Take this listing for a shows they have planned for next week. It’s from a series called “Unreported World.”
“As Donald Trump fights to stay in the White House for a second term, deploying all manner of tricks and tactics to do so, his campaign is targeting white women voters. He can count on strong support from one controversial group: “TradWives”, the growing movement of American women espousing 1950s-style values. Imagine Stepford Wives becoming right-wing activists. They abhor feminism, instead advocating that women give up their careers to focus on supporting their husbands, raising children, and tending to hearth and home. They also idolise President Trump, putting him at the heart of their traditional family values and working to get him re-elected. This is despite the fact that women have often borne the brunt of Trump’s political and personal barbs.

“Why are TradWives such ardent pro-Trump cheerleaders? Is it because, like him, they’re anti-abortion, oppose LGBT rights and criticise non-whites? This edition of the consistently eye-opening global news strand, filmed prior to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, finds reporter Karishma Vyas travelling to California to meet the godmother of the movement, Dixie Andelin Forsyth.”

Funny, but as an American, I am unaware of any mainstream group of TradWives. Sounds like something made up on the screens at HuffPo or other lunatic sites. It’s surprising, too, because Trump’s wife (and former wife Ivana) have had their own businesses, as has daughter Ivanka. Ivanka has not been one to stay at home with the kids. She works on big projects for the president, often on an international level. In what way do they think Trump is keeping them shut up at home?
And why can’t women be against abortion? Do we not have as much right to our opinion as radical feminists? Nor do I ever hear American women demeaning LGBT people, including the president. He named one to the highest post a gay has ever held in American government – director of the DNI and ambassador to Germany, Ric Grenell.
Talk about fake news!

Then there’s this PBS documentary, The Virus: What Went Wrong. “Martin Smith and Marcela Gaviria present this hard-hitting documentary about the American response to Covid-19. The main focus is on why the Trump administration was so slow to respond and what the consequences of their muddled response were for the American people.”

Maybe they should look at their own government and their NHS. Britain has had far more deaths per million than we have. U.S. shows 494 deaths per million; in the UK it’s 685. It does not appear that their socialized medicine has been able to handle it well. Add to that, they were the ones “slow to respond” with a “muddled response.” At first, they totally ignored locking down their population and hoped that herd immunity would let them avoid a shutdown. It didn’t. They were about a month late on doing that. Many deaths could probably be prevented.

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