Two Who Get It

Increasingly, Michelle Bachmann and Mike Pence in Congress are the two stepping up on behalf of the American electorate. They get it. They get that their constituencies don’t want these pork laden bills.

This morning Pence (R-IN) explained his stance on Fox News.

“It’s a tough call,” he said, referring to  the bill that would extend the Bush tax cuts for all while loading on the earmarks. Pence has been a champion of the tax cuts, but can’t stomach the pork and so will vote against it.

Pence doesn’t like the two year extension part either. “We don’t have a temporary economy and a two year extension on tax rates is simply not going to encourage the kind of investment in capital formation that would create jobs.”

He has problems with the process, too.

“Why are we getting this take it or leave it bill that was crafted between the Senate and the White House? The Constitution in Article 1, Section 7 says all bills regarding revenue are to originate in the House of Representatives.”

He wants Congress to address the concerns of the voters. “The American people said in deafening terms on November 2 put your fiscal house in order, stop all the runaway spending, the deficit, the debt, the bailouts and the takeovers. Give us some certainty in the tax code.” Only then will business pick up, he says.

Pence was uncertain how the vote will go today. If you want to contact your senators and congressmen, please refer to the Midtown Facts box on the left of this page.

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