Hope for College Students

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was on Judge Jeanine Saturday night. He’s a regular on many Fox shows, but something he said Saturday caught my ear.

The discussion concerned the upcoming election. There will be no other real topic for the next six months, even after the election.

Kirk’s area of expertise is youth, especially young people on college campuses and what they think. The older among us tend to see that demographic as a lost cause. God bless Charlie Kirk for getting in there and doing the Lord’s work among these students. Apparently he does not believe they are a lost cause.

Of course there will always be a cadre of a few conservative kids. Those who were strong enough not to ditch the lessons of right thinking Americans once the Marxist professors started their assault. It does seem they are dwindling, however.

But Kirk noted something interesting about college kids in 2020. Many of them will not be attending school on campus. They will be working remotely (yet charged fully) from home. That means, according to Kirk, that it will be harder for the Democrats to organize and motivate them to go vote on election day. How can you corral the sheep who are not there? The pandemic has taken that nugget of voters away from their grasp.

This is good news. The much vaunted “youth vote” may be even less a factor than normal. When you consider that Joe Biden is not a charismatic figure you’d want to go to the mat for, and Kamala “I think young people are stupid” Harris is equally uninspiring, you diminish the young Marxist vote.

That is at least one plus for the pandemic.

Additionally, many young people will begin to wonder why they want to go to college in the first place. Does the exorbitant cost really bring benefit when you end up working as a waiter or low level job? Should you only consider it when going into a profession like doctor or lawyer? Maybe. Plenty of them will start enjoying learning a job on their own without being in debt for at least ten years. Plenty will decide they don’t want to be back in the classroom.

Plenty of colleges will find that the lack of students is going to mean closings. This will not be a bad thing.

Until professors get back to doing what they are supposed to – teaching students to be open to all ideas, promoting true free speech and getting young people to question and analyze topics – they will be diminishing.

Funny thing these pandemics. They often have a future effect that is unexpected.

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