Brotherly Love

President Trump lost his brother Robert last week. Evidently it hasn’t been easy for him.

Cindy Adams at the New York Post writes:

Donald losing brother Robert has been a body blow.

This president has an election, Democrat reptiles slithering around, a countrywide pandemic, an employment crisis, a blathering Biden, wars on the economic front, our hideous social structure, the world’s aggressive foreign countries — and for three meals a day, he has to eat hate.

Trust Mother, his insides are not the same as they were. Did the brothers have their difficulties? Yeah, doesn’t everyone with a family member somewhere down the line? It was long back. It was long over. They were devoted. They spoke constantly.
He treasured Robert. This has been rough for him. How anyone can withstand such pressure is beyond comprehension. Who else could do it?

Basement Biden, who can’t glue a sentence together? One has to respect this leader’s strength. President Trump is the real live Man of Steel.

Biden would be dampening his Pampers.


The Post also reports on funeral plans for Robert Trump.

“President Trump said he intends to hold his younger brother Robert Trump’s funeral at the White House on Friday, telling reporters it would be “a great honor” to the late executive.

“’We may do just a small service right here in the White House for my brother,’ Trump said on the White House South Lawn on Monday after Robert died in Manhattan on Saturday at the age of 71.

“’I think it would be a great honor to him. I think he’d be greatly honored. He loved our country. He loved our country so much. He would be so proud of what we were doing and what we are doing for our country,’ he continued.

“’I think it would be appropriate, so we’ll have it probably on Friday afternoon, a small service in honor of my brother, Robert,’ he said.

“It’s unclear where in the executive mansion the funeral would be held, with the nearest chapel St. John’s Episcopal Church on the other side of Lafayette Square.”

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