Toward a New GOP

While the old guard stands united, President Trump is invigorating and helping to reshape the Republican party.

This week Kimberly Klacik, US House candidate from Maryland’s 7th congressional district, released this ad and was highly acclaimed, even getting a nod from the President.

I hope she gets a good spot at the Republican convention next week.

Then there is Byron Donalds, a conservative Republican and Trump supporter. He just won a primary in the race for Florida’s 19th district. It was a competitive race.

Here’s his ad:

Primaries held this week underscore how well this is going.

In Florida, the newcomer who was banned from Twitter (this should be a badge of honor for Republicans), Laura Loomer, won her primary in Trump’s voting district. He congratulated her.

Breitbart reports:
Loomer, 27, defeated five opponents including Christian Acosta, Elizabeth Felton, Aaron Scanlan, Reba Sherrill, and Michael Vilardi.

“Loomer gained prominence on social media over the past few years for a number of stunts, including handcuffing herself to Twitter’s headquarters to protest her suspension from the platform and hopping the fence at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s house to protest immigration. In addition to her suspension from Twitter, Loomer has also been suspended from GoFundMe, Facebook, Uber, and Lyft.

“After being suspended from multiple platforms, Loomer’s campaign message was that of free speech, ‘making America safe again,’ and the Second Amendment. With the help of large donors, Loomer raised more than $1 million while campaigning.

“With more than 28,000 votes in, Loomer led her top two primary challengers with 42.3 percent of the vote.”

Anna Paulina Luna had a big win, too, in FL-13. She tweeted, “I just won my election in FL-13 by a wide margin. They said I didn’t have a chance because I lacked ‘experience.’ But the people were with me all the way. This November I will defeat @CharlieCrist & then I’ll help @realDonaldTrump DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

President Trump tweeted his congratulations. “Great WIN Anna! Watched your race from beginning, very impressed. Your next opponent, Charlie Crist, is a Pelosi puppet who is bad on Crime, our Military, Vets, & 2nd Amendment. You have my Complete & Total Endorsement!”

In addition, Trump has given a gay man the highest offices in American history. Ric Grenell has been ambassador to Germany and temporary director of the DNA. He’s working on outreach to the gay community:

Our party, more than the Democrats, appeals to a spectrum of Americans. Let’s point this out. We’re on the right side of American history.

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