Midtowners Snap Back

Someone once said the next civil war will start on “Nextdoor.”

Quite possible.

It would also make an entertaining comedy series. (How about the Midtown resident who went to his guest house only to find a naked man there who had been making himself at home for days?) People say and do the darndest things on Nextdoor.

Some use it to rant and rave about pet peeves or causes. Even though it’s not supposed to be political, lefties manage to work it in frequently. I rarely – if ever – have sees a conservative raise a hot button issue on Nextdoor. Not true with the SJW/Leftist/Democrats.

Here’s a recent example of a leftie determined to insert his Trump hatred in an otherwise non political post. The odd thing is, this time he got some blowback.

It began with a simple question: “Anyone know why there’s a police chopper doing loopdy loops all over midtown?”

Then it went to this comment: “Maybe Trump in Marine One looking for Black people to kidnap off the street.”

Surprisingly, this time this comment got smacked.

“Uncalled for.”
“Sadly if someone said that about a democrat, they would be crucified on Nextdoor. True story.”

“No political rants and don’t feed the machine neighbors.”

Yes, but we hear that all the time and still Progressives are able to rage.

“Wow (name redacted). I agree 100% with (name redacted). We would be banned for that kind of comment towards Biden. However, maybe it’s a lefty searching for young girls.”


“Take the political poop 💩 somewhere else!” Yes, but this comment person has done it him/cis/herself.

The Lefty person then responded, “really? Uncalled for while it’s happening in several US cities? You be sure to let me know when it is called for.”

He/cis/she neglects to realize that the Antifa and BLM protesters, rioters and thugs have all been on the Left. But, hey, when did a little reality stop a Democrat?
As in this one, “(Name redacted) do you see any Democratic President kidnapping people off of the streets when they protest?”

Actually, yes, and a bunch of Arkancides, too. Remember Roger Stone? That was a Democrat operative getting him. How about the Tea Party? Obama put the IRS on them. Their group, Lawfare, goes after any of us who disagree. Ask Paul Manafort, rotting in jail.

That earned this comeback: “I sure don’t see any Democratic President kidnapping. Just large Democrat supporters/icons to name a few like Weinstein, Bill Clinton and Biden breaching the #MeToo movement. So much for the 100 years of the advancement of women destroyed and humiliated.”


Only one comment answered the original question, saying, “A friend’s son was shot at 240 and airways about half an hour ago two bullets to his car but missed him they may be searching for a vehicle and shooter.”

Usually, our side doesn’t fight back in these arguments, much less engage. I am surprised.

Walking through Midtown you can be discouraged by all the Biden and silly “In this house we believe…” nonsense.

What you don’t see is that there are conservatives, Republicans and people with just plain common sense who don’t agree with this but decline to advertise it. I have seen one big Trump flag flying at a house and am amazed it hasn’t been vandalized.

There are more of us out there than the polls will ever catch. This Nextdoor rebellion is just one actual sign of it.

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