Seen and Unseen at the Convention

The first night of the RNC convention did not disappoint. After so many years of politics served up to us at breakfast, lunch and dinner, even the most interested among us wondered if tuning in would be time well spent.

Turns out it was time especially well spent as we got to see our fellow Americans take the stage with eloquent and dynamic speeches.

Not everyone agrees. Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post sniffed “other than Tim Scott and Nikki Haley the lineup tonight is a bunch of nobodies – and a Trump relative. I think of Dorothy Parker’s witticism – it runs the gamut from A to B.”
Only a snooty swamp rat would see it that way. These “nobodies” are Americans who make her life possible.

Skipping the elites was a brilliant stroke by Trump and the RNC. We in flyover land are full to the gills with people telling us how we should think and act. Aside from New York and LA nobody cares about these B rate actors and entertainers. We see the writing on the wall – Hollywood as we know it will soon be as outdated as silent films as YouTube and other tech services put average Americans at the forefront of what we see and watch.

As a corollary, Trump has put himself aside for this convention. He has let others take the stage. It’s a subtle way of rebuking the media who claims his ego is on steroids. People who have been around him notice that he’s an extraordinary listener. In meetings he doesn’t say much. He wants to hear what others say. That’s what a leader should do.

I particularly liked Scott Adams’ take. You can hear it here:

Scott Adams:

In essence, he found it a masterpiece of persuasion. The visuals impressed him as when Don Jr. called Biden the Loch Ness monster of the swamp. Everyone listening had an image pop in his/her/cis mind and it was powerful.

He also liked a speaker calling Trump “the bodyguard of western civilization.” It shows what’s on the line. Also positive was the freed hostages and the McCloskey’s who made this riots personal for all of us.

You know the Republican message is working when DNC critter Donna Brazile gets so upset in a Fox discussion with Tammy Bruce.

Let’s see what tonight brings and tomorrow when the man himself takes the podium.

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