The Case for Biden – Not

The always dead on Kurt Schlicter makes the Democrats’ case for Joe Biden. Satirically, of course, in an article for Townhall.

He points out the untenable and ludicrous position the Democrats have made for themselves. It’s a good template for anyone who might think about discussing politics with an independent. A Democrat is too lost in his/her/cis world of “We Believe…Love is Love…Science Is Real…” to recognize any form of reality.

Schlichter outlines their case:

“So, let’s go with this. We will be nicer to criminals and let them out of jail, and hassle cops.”

“More crooks, fewer cops. I like the sound of that. How about guns in the hands of normal people who want to protect themselves?”

“Oh, we’ll ban them. Sound good?”

“Sure does! How about taxes?”

“Oh, we’ll raise those, except we’ll restore unlimited state and local tax deductions so rich people in California and New York can force truckers in Kentucky and farmers in Iowa to subsidize their blue states’ profligate spending!”

“Awesome. Hey, I bet people are tired of the government not controlling their health care. Can we fix that?”

“Sure can! We’ll socialize medicine so everyone can be equally miserable!”

“Well, not us liberal elites, of course!”

“Of course not. Are you joking? Just the peasants. Oh, and we’ll suck up to China hard.”

“Globalism has sure been great. Let’s have more!”

“And amnesty for millions and millions!”

“And we can tax normal working people to pay for their health care. Plus free college degrees for everyone from now on, paid for by people who already paid for their own!”

“Absolutely. If there’s one thing people love, it’s college students. Boy, this platform is awesome!”

“Wait, did you just assume my gender?”

“Sorry. We’ll be making that a felony.”

“We can’t lose!”

He left out let’s give full health care, college tuition and housing for illegal immigrants. And let’s make sure more poor people move into the suburbs in a nice big house purchased by you.

You can probably think of other examples, too.
The whole article, entitled “Five Reasons Trump Is Going to Crush Biden” can and should be read here:

A brave friend related to me a conversation she had with an acquaintance she knew to be leaning Biden. She voiced some of the same examples as here, but also brought in abortion, a topic she knew her friend cared about.

Surprisingly, the other woman admitted her ignorance on these topics and actually cracked on her position.

Living in a Biden sign posting haven as we are in Midtown it’s tempting to believe everyone is as stupid as our neighbors sometimes are.
Fortunately, the whole country is not as seeped in propaganda as we think.

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