Child’s Frustration at No School

Kids need to go back to school.

I don’t know how parents can handle their own work from home, plus monitor their children’s school lessons.

Here’s a story from Georgia carried on our own Local 24 newscast.

COWETA COUNTY, Ga. — One mother said her heart is breaking for her 5-year-old boy and other children like him as they struggle to assimilate into virtual learning culture.

Jana Coombs posted a picture of her son as he struggled with digital learning. The picture showed the young boy so frustrated — that he put his head down and started crying in his virtual Coweta County Kindergarten class.

Coombs said she is just as frustrated with virtual learning as her young son.

“I just took that picture because I wanted people to see reality. And then he came over and we hugged and I was crying right along with him,” she said.

She described the first day of virtual learning as chaos, trying to also manage a 2nd and 4th grader in online school and a 7-month-old infant.

“Juggling a household, having an infant in the house, getting 5,000 emails a day from all their teachers, trying to keep up … different apps, different codes, different platforms, some links don’t work. You’re running from one laptop to another,” she said.

Her husband Luke says all three of their children in online school are missing out. They want their kids back to school, face to face.
“A lot of what they’re learning is getting lost in translation because they’re not getting interaction on a personal level,” Luke explained.

In Europe they are going back to school.

Shelby County Schools begin virtual school Monday.

Other areas of the country have encountered problems with their platforms, codes and apps. I doubt we’ll be much different.

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