Herd Immunity Is Here

Not for Covid 19. There’s another, more devious disease that has plagued the U.S. for about 50 years.

Call it mediaflu or the journavirus. The symptoms first appear around November, specifically every other year. The carriers swarm an individual, with the hope that he/she will succumb. Airwaves are filled with their broadcasting of the contagion. Whether it sticks is uncertain, but that makes the disease more and more resilient.

Lately, since Trump actually, the herd of normal Americans has become more and more immune to the illness.

Take, for instance, a recent purveyor, the Atlantic magazine. Its editor carried a story that Trump hates the military. Cable and news hosts discussed it, condemned Trump strongly and furiously. Has it infected any victims? Doesn’t appear so.

Wednesday we moved onto the Woodward book. It is trying to pass on to Americans that Trump messed up by playing down the coronavirus and that his generals want a coup against him.

Despite wall to wall coverage on this, very few Trump voters will catch this enough to succumb to Trump derangement syndrome – an offshoot of the virus. They will slough it off like the Russia hoax, Ukraine hoax, impeachment and the long list of other attacks.

There will be more such as we all know. More books and tricks are coming, just like other colds, flus and diseases at this time of year.

Scott Adams tweeted, “The latest persuasion mistake made by Democrats: Dumping all of their anti-Trump books with sketchy claims at the same approximate time. The public has “mental snowblindness” from the sameness and it becomes self-canceling.”

In other words, we become immune to their plagues.

Adam Schiff’s latest attempt – another whistleblower – is trying to make the country sick again. This time it’s Brian Murphy, who was the principal deputy under secretary in the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the DHS before he was demoted. He claims DHS chief Chad Wolf instructed him to withhold intel notifications on Russian meddling because “it made Trump look bad.”

Murphy also says Wolf told him to focus more on Iran and China, but he wouldn’t because “doing so would put the country in substantial and specific danger.”

Ukraine impeachment disease has mutated, but no one wants to go through the silly impeachment crap again. Schiff bringing this up just reminds the public how much time and money was spent on this nothingburger. There won’t be an appetite for more. People are canny enough to sniff and recognize another rotting corpse of politics.

The Democrats probably should tiptoe away from this as fast as they can. They won’t.
They always overplay their hand.
Dems and the media should go back and reread the Boy Who Cried Wolf. It didn’t end well for the boy.

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