Sound Familiar?

There was a time in Memphis when home owners didn’t concern themselves with locking their doors. Kids played outside with friends til dusk and moms didn’t even dream of kidnappings, drive by shootings or abductions for child pornography.

In Midtown, the area was quite conservative and no one here decried the police, worried about break-ins or bemoaned the quality of public schools.

Since we got liberal and woke, all of that has disappeared. You may say that race relations were bad back in the day, but was the black community so filled with violence? Are race relations better today? Not according to Black Lives Matter.

Powerlineblog relates a similar story in another enclave, Edina, a suburb.

“Edina, Minnesota, is an elite suburb that formerly had one of the most outstanding public school districts in the country. That was before Edina’s school system went woke and began prioritizing indoctrination over education. In recent years, Edina’s schools have slipped badly in objective test measurements.

“This coincides with the city’s transformation from a Republican bastion, as recently as 25 years ago, to a deep-blue outpost of progressivism. How is that working out for Edina? In addition to the decline of the town’s schools, crime has arrived. As law enforcement has collapsed following the George Floyd riots–a development that was applauded by many, likely most, Edina residents–the chickens are coming home to roost. So we see news of carjackings…:

“Carjackings in the middle of the afternoon are, to put it mildly, a new development. But not a unique one. From NextDoor:

“Hit and run. My son was hit and run by a vehicle that was running 55 mph on a 25 mph speed limit. The accident happened yesterday at the intersection of 70th & France. Two guys were in the vehicle and ran a red light. Thank God my son is fine, able to get off his car in one piece & coherent. The two guys fled off the scene. No matter how careful you are on the road there are crazy drivers around that do not care. With all the cameras in that intersection, I hope those two will get caught. Stay safe everyone!

“Life-threatening crime in elite suburbs like Edina is a new phenomenon, but residents had better get used to it if they continue to support BLM and other anti-law enforcement causes. What do they think is going to happen if law enforcement is dismantled?

“The stark choice between law and order and violent crime is on the ballot in November. Frankly, I suspect that a majority of Edina residents are too far gone to make a rational decision. One hopes that is not the case in most suburbs across the country.”

And what are cities doing to stop it? What is Memphis doing to stop the violent crime?

Yesterday the County Commission met to discuss three ordinances related to handling crime. Commissioner and activist Tami Sawyer was behind the push that in essence protects the perps from the police, not residents – black or white.

The mayor only knows about “reimagining policing.” Again, how does that address our rampant crime problem?

It doesn’t.

It will take a big push back from residents to stop this slide. Until we oust Democrats and liberals from office, that won’t happen.

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