Fox’s Big Mistake

This video has shocked conservatives:

It shouldn’t.

Fox News daytime has been unwatchable for at least a year. Their shows and hosts do not lean conservative. They feature liberals like Marie Harf in the above video and they work to suppress anti liberal thought. Consider Shep Smith, who ruled the day for a long time on Fox, and even Donna Brazile.

Even so, it is unconscionable how swiftly and thoroughly they move to stop Newt Gingrich from even a discussion of George Soros. If you recall, Glenn Beck got ousted from Fox when he insisted on fingering the crazy billionaire.

It’s a big mistake on Fox’s part. They have smugly decided they are the only game in town. They aren’t. On broadcast One America News is nipping at their heels, as well as Newsmax.

Then there are countless YouTube channels that actually allow guests to talk more than four minutes and are unafraid to take a definitive position on issues. I and others spend some of the day tuning out broadcast and watching these. There are so many, it’s even hard to keep up.

Here’s a list of ones I am aware of and watch: Dan Bongino, Right Side Broadcasting (they cover all Trump rallies and events from beginning to end without interruption), America First with Sebastian Gorka, American Thought leaders (from the Epoch times hour long interviews with politicians, authors and experts), Bannon War Room, Blaze TV, Glenn Beck, Pat Gray Unleashed, Breitbart News, China Uncensored, Crossroads with Joshua Philip (also a source for news about China you don’t get anywhere else) and Donald J. Trump (clips and interviews).

There there is Full Measure with Sheryl Atkinson, Judicial Watch, Katie Hopkins (the brash British conservative), Michael Knowles, Mr. Reagan, Real Coffee with Scott Adams, Rebel News (a look at Canadian politics and American from a conservative viewpoint), Steven Crowder, Stu Does America, The Daily Wire (the Ben Shapiro site), The Federalist, Church Militant (about Catholics but 100% pro Trump), Taylor Marshall (also Catholic and also pro Trump), the Heritage Foundation, Verdict with Ted Cruz and Viva Frei (a lawyer who dissects current court rulings).

I’m sure I’m missing some.
That doesn’t even get into conservative talk radio.

Jack Cashill, author of Unmasking Obama and other political books, calls these networks and conservative websites the samizdat. The word refers to groups of dissidents in the Soviet Union who circumvented the party line via clandestine copying and distributing literature banned by the state. He says that conservatives in the U.S. have done the same thing to circumvent our corrupt media.

It is Cashill’s belief that the samizdat will propel Trump to victory as he says it did in 2016. Notice that Trump pays attention to these outlets. He took Joe Rogan up on the challenge to debate Biden immediately. He is aware that Rogan has the number one YouTube audience in the country, even if the mainstreamers ignore it.

Trump also gives interviews to the samizdat. He does not underestimate them as Fox News does.

For a look at what’s in store, consider how sports fans have turned away from their favorite football, baseball and basketball on networks, even as people are hungry for sports. They get it. They are not looking to be woke. They just want the game.

We just want the truth and are not getting it conventionally. Why don’t they see this?

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