Is This Happening Everywhere?

It has come to light that Democrat Nashville Mayor John Cooper has not been honest with his citizens about the Covid 19 numbers. In fact, the number at bars and restaurants was very low:

Is this being replicated across the country? Why is it that we receive so little information on it in Memphis? What ages are the people who get it? Where do they live? What is their gender? What is their race?

Aren’t these basic questions epidemiologists would want to know? Wouldn’t they shed light on where to attack the virus?

As Andrea Witburg at Americanthinker notes, “In Nashville, the mayor was able to push through a 34% property tax to offset lost revenue. Normally, people would have opposed that kind of dramatic increase but the lockdown made it seem necessary. The tax will undoubtedly continue long after the Wuhan virus is just a bad memory, warping the economy and keeping poorer citizens dependent on the government.”

In other words, fear makes people accept authoritarianism they would normally reject.

Country music star John Rich had this to say on Laura Ingraham last night. “Mayor John Cooper has betrayed our town. He has betrayed Music City. He is a Judas to this town. He is now the De Blasio of the south! That is what he is. He has lied to our town for months and months on end and there are real casualties with this Laura. Forget some of the big companies that have lost some money. Let’s talk about musicians. Let’s talk about bartenders and servers and security guards. All the people who work downtown in Nashville and were targeted by this Judas of a mayor… He completely gutted what drives this town which is live music and broadway downtown. And now we find out the entire thing was a lie that he put on us so we have no sympathy for him.”

He warned a class action lawsuit is coming. It should.

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