Dan Bongino’s Bad News

The Fox regular who always has insight into current events and who now has his own internet show that is one of the top in the country, Dan Bongino came on air this afternoon with some personal news he wanted to share.

It wasn’t good news. It wasn’t about his new affiliation and part ownership with Rumble or Parler. He teared up as he discussed a lump on his neck.

Bongino said he had noticed it and figured it was a fatty tumor, something he has gotten occasionally. Family members and friends urged him to get it checked out. He finally did yesterday. The doctor decided to do an MRI and when Bongino saw his face, he knew it wasn’t good news.

They found a lump that is a little more than 7 cm long, resting near his carotid artery. It is possible it is benign. They couldn’t tell. Bongino said after the doctor told him, all he really couldn’t listen to the details as he was upset.

He will fly to New York on Friday for treatment. Bongino said he had to cancel his appearance on Sean Hannity’s show because he was too upset to go on and after the show, Hannity called and talked to him for two hours. Bongino said he really appreciated the kindness.

The 45 year old talk host struggled with his emotions in sharing this with his audience. He made it through and thanked his wife for her support. He also said his show would continue, no matter.

I wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump didn’t contact him, too. Trump, despite what his enemies want to portray, is a very compassionate person.

We can all add him to our already lengthy prayer lists.

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