‘Horror Show’ on Nextdoor

Nextdoor supposedly has a policy preventing political views in topics.

Sure, it does. The Left rules it as it does most social media. Want proof? Yesterday the header “Horror show” popped up in my inbox. “Horror show” referred to the presidential debate the previous night. In true Midtown form, residents were aghast at Trump.

Here are the comments, started off with this one: “Did anyone but me watch that science fiction horror show last night, Presidential Debate?”

“dog and pony show. my euro friends were shaking their heads in disbelief…and laughing themselves silly, at us poor americans.”
“It was a s&%# show indeed, but the Europeans have no room to talk. Their politicians are also a disaster…The grass isn’t greener on that side of the pond in that respect. Cheers!”

“nothing compares to the incompetence and corruption of trump.”

“I’m wondering why in all this time they couldn’t find a better representative at least a strongly motivated, well versed, competent individual. We the American people should not have to choose from the lesser of two evils!!”

“Well, they ran Bill Weld, but I guess people like Trump’s nonsensical ramblings.”

“One of the participants was a complete and utter south end of a mule going north. Half way through I turned it off – it was either that or punch the television screen.”
“Mute buttons and shock collars could have been very helpful”

“Electrical shock could turn orange to red”
“We are all in recovery today”

“That debate is what a country dying looks like. Trump is a disgrace.”

“He has no money.”
“If only there were a way to prove this.”

“Unfortunately you can’t ignore politics or think it doesn’t impact communities including ours. To do so gets us right where we are… in a chaotic mess.”

Only one person asked, “Please take this to twitter and Facebook. Leave us one free no politics zone”

As of this morning, the thread was still up and running.
Assuredly if it had been pro Trump, it would have been pulled immediately.

I am struck by the quality of the comments. Notice they don’t have anything specific to criticize. They just know that orange man bad. All the attacks are ad hominem. There is no substance to any of them.

Pathetic, really.

Here’s a more intelligent assessment of the debate from Ron Coleman, a First Amendment lawyer.

Coleman tweeted, “The Democratic nominee for President of the United States called the sitting President of the United States ‘a clown’ on national TV, in his presence, before a quiescent moderator.

“And all we hear about is how mean and aggressive Donald Trump was.

“Finally, as harsh as DJT was, Biden calling the President of the United States a clown and similar epithets was reprehensible.

“Winners don’t do that. And it is part of an ongoing Democratic campaign to debase and delegitimize this presidency.

“Wallace is complicit in this.

“The cultural, political and moral implications of this remain unexamined and indeed unremarked upon among the major purveyors of news, information and analysis, as far as I know.”

They don’t want to think. They just know feelings. That’s a very poor way to report and govern.

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