Covid Strikes Trump

Like most people, I woke up this morning to see the terrible news that President Trump and the First Lady have tested positive for Covid 19.

While I do not expect that they will have any major reaction to it, it is worrying. That and the glee that will come from the Left along with a smugness from Joe Biden that will be insufferable.

What will voters think? Will it cause early voters to cast for Biden or delay their vote and wait to see how Trump turns out? Nothing like this has ever happened before.
Will it cost him the election? We don’t know.

Has any president aside from Lincoln so endured the trials of Job?

At least if he’s reelected he probably won’t have to worry about catching it again.

I did like this tweet from Mr. Reagan. It sums it up rather nicely: “You can recover from Coronavirus.
You can’t recover from Dementia.”

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