They Went There!

Someone posted on Nextdoor about the President and First Lady testing positive for Covid 19.

A few of our neighbors were decent, but lots weren’t. I’m posting them with my own comments.

“We need to hope and pray all goes well for them”

“While I would never wish a positive Covid-19 test on anyone, my first thought was ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ and honestly, he asked for this… which is quite stupid.”

A stupid comment. He asked for it? When argument fails, go to the name calling.

“I do hope he and his spouse make it through it.”

“Wonder why he isn’t drinking bleach or taking the drugs he suggested?”

Talk about stupid! No one above 6 years old took that seriously and he never advocated doing that. Put this to bed if you want to be truthful.

“Not wishing bad will to anyone, nor lacking empathy, but given the track record for truth and showman antics, is this a ploy to avoid another disaster on the debate stage? Hopefully not, but I have been conditioned to not believe much that comes from this Administration. They sure pulled a dirty trick with the hearing aid issue”
Whenever anyone starts out with “not wishing bad will to anyone” or “I don’t mean to insult you, but…” that’s exactly what they want. What hearing aid issue? If that was so effective, why haven’t more people heard of it?

“As my mother always said to me into my adulthood, if one lies about the little things you will lie about the bigger things.”

She must have been aiming that remark to you, eh?

“I always remember the saying one of my teachers used, 0h, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Older I get the more truth I find in it.”

Then the Democrats and Biden have a big tangle going.

“Just what has he lied about and while you are picking straws what have all the other politicians told the truth about?”

Finally, someone with sense.

“Do you not think omitting to tell us the seriousness of Covid is lying?”
You mean when he shut down the country for 15 days plus, you didn’t realize that was serious? As Biden would say, “come on, man!”

“Uh, tax returns for starters”

Not required by law to do it. You want someone looking into yours?

“Both Joe and Kamala have made years of returns public.”
It’s easy when you keep your bribes and handouts on the QT.

“He also stated during the debate his large rallies have been outside. That is a flat out lie. He has had at least 3 indoor ones.”

Hmm. I just remember one in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“They’re now saying both the President and First Lady are now showing mild symptoms. He did have Pence take over a big ‘Call/Contact’ thing he had scheduled today. Also, they’re saying that those Abbott quick-result tests in use at the White house aren’t as accurate as the nasal swabs. People can test negative at first, then positive later, after incubation of the virus.”

“God works in mysterious ways!”

Be careful what you wish for here. Don’t assume you know God’s plans.

It’s headed to Biden, Comey, Brennan, Strzok, etc.

“I’d noticed in several photographs from the last several days that he looked kind of rough.”

Wishful thinking?

“Can you imagine if this same post would have been with changing the one word from Trump to swapping it to Obama???? Libs would have lost their minds. This post would have already been taken down. That’s the honest truth. Such a sad reality.”

Very sad indeed.

“Anytime he starts a sentence off ‘you know people say’ a lie is coming.”

Everything he says is a lie to these people.

Nextdoor is another vehicle that has been taken over by Leftists. No one ever seems to take posts like this down.

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