There Is Goodness Out There

While the Left/media/Democrats continues to delight in the illness of President Trump and the First Lady – hoping for their demise in tweets and stories – like this from a former Obama/Clinton employee:

many Americans have taken another approach.

Many of us are praying for them, sending them best wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery. Who knows the ways of God, but maybe something like this is needed to get this nation back to prayer.

Like Greg Kelly of Newsmax, formerly of Fox.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a media person actually stop and pray?

Last night, after President Trump went to Walter Reed hospital, a flash mob of supporters gathered outside, with their signs.

Someone in California saw this and sent the group pizzas.

The Trump team noticed and sent Mark Meadows out with chocolate:

We all feel somewhat powerless against this virus and against the near demonic Left. There is something we can do, though, something powerful. That is to pray.

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