Is This Winning?

Joe Biden had an event yesterday. It appears it was in an empty parking lot.

More and more he looks like Mr. Burns on The Simpsons.

Right now is a time when many Republicans get depressed. How can Trump win amid all the attempted ballot fraud, caustic media and now Covid 19?

Well, he has triumphed over the Clinton machine, the Deep State’s attempt to oust him, the media’s daily “bombshells,” Russian and Ukrainian hoaxes, a pandemic, an economy tied up by regulations, riots and inflammatory books about him.

I expect he will triumph again. As the phrase goes, never underestimate Donald John Trump. People do so at their peril.

Take this new poll as outlined at The Gateway pundit. “New polling shows that President Trump has taken the lead nationally and in key battleground states.

“A poll produced by Poll Watch shows the President in the lead nationally, in battle ground states and in the electoral college:

NATIONAL (Trump +1)
Trump 46
Biden 45

6 BATTLEGROUNDS of FL, IA, MI, MN, PA, WI (Trump +4)
Trump 47
Biden 43

The President is now ahead in Florida, Minnesota and New Hampshire and in the electoral college:

Trump 320
Biden 218

— PollWatch (@PollWatch2020) October 3, 2020

Nearly 2/3 of Americans believe President Trump will be re-elected and he certainly owns the top two issues – Law and Order and the economy:

5) “Law and order remains the top issue in the election” (32%); the economy is second (30%)

Likely voters used.

Democracy Institute Correctly predicted Brexit and Trump’s 2016 electoral win.

— PollWatch (@PollWatch2020) October 3, 2020

Then consider the debates. Analysts were condemning Trump’s performance, as they did in all the debates in 2016. Yet, he is up in the Investors Business Daily poll three points since Tuesday.

Do you really think the media – 99% against him and us – will tell you the truth about the election? Didn’t in 2016 and won’t in 2020.

What seems like a disaster – the President contracting Covid 19 – may end up helping him. When he recovers, he will have proven that his actions on finding cures for the disease are working. He will have instilled confidence in the American people.

Then the contrast between him and low energy Biden will be even more important.

I never forget what Osama Bin Laden said. On this he was correct. People prefer a strong horse over a weak one.

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