Was Trump Infected on Purpose?

Is there any doubt that the Democrats would like President Trump dead? They’ve said so many times. They’ve said so from the beginning of his presidency. Remember has been Madonna and her I have thought about blowing up the White House? Actor Johnny Depp suggesting it was time for an actor to assassinate a president again? Kathy Griffin holding up a severed Trump head? A Missouri state senator also calling for his murder?

There have been lots of others, too. Heck, in our own neighborhood a resident has several times at Halloween had Trump hanging or wrapped up like a mummy and tied to a tree. It’s there now.

So is it a loony conspiracy theory to think that it’s an odd coincidence that after the debate Tuesday the President, First Lady, people on his election team and prominent senators all fall in with Covid 19? All Republicans and not a single Democrat?

This conclusion is being reached by sober people.

Respected lawyer Linn Wood, he of the Nicholas Sandman and Richard Jewell cases, tweeted, “Many leaders in administration of @realDonaldTrump are quarantined by what almost appears to almost be targeted strike of Covid-19.” He later tweeted, “There are no coincidences. Zero. None. Hard stop.” Deanna Lorraine, who ran for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, also picked up the theme of a “targeted strike” in her tweet, “Does anyone else find it odd that no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on?” And Omar Navarro, a Republican politician in California, developed the theme: “1.RBG dies. 2. Trump announces he will nominate new justice before election. 3. Pelosi makes “Arrow in our quivers comment to stop him.” Week later Trump, his top aide, his campaign manager, two Senators all come down with COVID 5. Schumer immediately requests to delay nomination.” He added, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

Deborah Franklin at Americanthinker writes, “Where did the infection occur? Attention turned to the Cleveland Clinic, where the presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden was held on September 29th. On Friday, the city of Cleveland reported that 11 cases of COVID had been linked to the planning and set-up of the September 29th presidential debate. Some commenters on social media speculated that the Republican debate area had been saturated with the virus in a biological attack, coordinated with China.

“The sudden illness of so many prominent Republicans brought to mind a mostly forgotten incident in January 2018. A chartered train carrying Republican lawmakers and their families to a retreat collided with a garbage truck that inexplicably was stranded on the track. The front car derailed, killing one person. The media displayed no interest in the story and offered no follow-up articles explaining the unlikely scenario.

“Seven months before the train crash, a gunman opened fire on members of the Republican congressional baseball team, severely wounding Steve Scalise, who was then serving as House Majority Whip. NBC reported: ‘Witnesses told investigators that when the gunman arrived at the ballfield, he asked people, “Are these the Republicans or the Democrats?’

“In the almost four years since Trump has become president, Republicans have suffered three potentially mass fatality events. The coming months may finally bring some answers about these incidents. It’s time for the American people to understand what’s happening to them.”

Many people also noticed that in the C Span video of the debate, at the end when Trump and Melania walk over to shake Biden’s hand, Jill Biden rushes and puts her arms around Joe, kisses him through their masks and turns him away from the Trumps thus aborting the encounter.

Our own CIA and FBI plotted a coup against Trump from before inauguration day. Former CIA director Brennan, FBI chief Jim Comey, Peter Strzok and the gang have a lot to lose in a second term. They haven’t hesitated to be ruthless in the past, would they now?

Speaking of ruthless, China would love to see Trump gone. He’s standing in the way of their world domination. He’s also standing in the way of Big Tech and business that would find it profitable to cozy up to China and her billion potential citizen customers.

The Democrats also would like to use Covid 19 to give them the high moral ground. That is, we insisted on masks and quarantine, but Republicans only care about dollars. Check out this exchange Chris Wallace had with Trump campaign advisor Steve Cortes and how Wallace totes the party line:

Yes, media would be behind a plot as well.

One side openly admits their at war; ours doesn’t. Time we do.

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