The Real Housewives of Midtown

Taking a walk in Midtown, I am always surprised at the number of Biden Harris signs on big mansions. Don’t these people know what a Biden presidency would mean for their tax bills, 401Ks, home and personal safety?

A good explanation may be that many of our residents are lawyers or attached to city government in some way. Those are reliable ways to pump up the bank account. Once you’re in the network of fellow attorneys/grant money takers/lobbyists/politicians, it’s a gravy train you don’t want to get off of.

Crime may hit you, but it also can mean more legal business. Plus, many can afford gates, cameras and other security systems.

Why are women here backing Gropey Joe? Many women in our neighborhood claim to be concerned with sexual abuse and child abuse, yet Biden is their guy. Guess they’ve never heard of Tara Reid nor seen the videos of Joe’s wandering hands.

Brit Katie Hopkins has been touring the U.S. for Trump and she also ponders these things. She’s been in Dallas and had this to say:

“I see them on my morning jog to the park in Preston Hollow here in Dallas, striding out of their multi-million dollar homes in the sunshine in their yoga pants and perfectly balanced boobs, accessorized with a Corgi or a husband.

“’Good morning’ they say positively as I pass (something that doesn’t happen in my country but a truth of this one). And it is another good morning here on millionaires row. Every morning is. And I am happy for it too.

“I take a video of their palatial homes in one street to show my children. If Disney built homes, they would look like this. I see one magic castle after another, all different yet similarly perfect, with manicured lawns and Mexican gardeners bustling about to keep it just so.

“It’s the yard signs that take a bat to your face.

“Rich democrats are competing for who can have the most, or the largest or the most obnoxious. This one wins for me, draping Biden and Harris all across this multi-million dollar home.

“I wonder about these people with their Black Lives Matter signs, positioned neatly behind small shrubs so they don’t have to be seen by the homeowner from inside, but pressed up against the sidewalk so others may know those inside the castle are righteous in their splendor.
” I suspect just like the housewives in suburban Minnesota, they think these signs will protect them when this country descends into unholy chaos after the election is called. They think the mob will treat their turreted fortress more kindly if they say they support black lives.

“They are mistaken.

“I wonder when they last held a black man’s hand, or took a black friend for dinner. I wonder if a black family is part of their daily life. I don’t see any here, not on the jog to the park, or at the tennis lesson these cookie-cutter women attend.”

Lucky for her she hasn’t had to put up with all the pompous “I Believe…” signs dotting our lawns. I imagine they are there in Dallas, too; probably not London – yet.

They are all as superficial as the residents inside.

Signs at least tell us where the hypocrites live and those whose brains just aren’t up to the task of critical thinking.

Then we can avoid them.

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