Covid Stats Show US Doing Well

Glenn Beck takes a dive into Covid 19 stats and finds something very interesting.

We’re doing better than most – if you take out New York:

“The mainstream media will hide it as much as they can, but statistics from the CDC show the U.S. is leading the fight against COVID-19. Even better? When New York is taken out of the equation, the U.S. is dominating: without Governor Cuomo’s failures, the U.S. drops to the 47th country for deaths per million. We’re leading the world in testing, and the infection fatality rate among Americans has steadily improved — we’ve cut it in HALF! Better yet, researchers from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory now estimate that if Trump had not enacted travel bans from China and Europe, we could have over 700 thousand US fatalities by now. But, the mainstream media will continue to focus on whether or not the president is wearing the right type of mask — DESPITE the WHO admitting months ago that they don’t even work! What a bunch of losers…'”

Listen to the whole thing:

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