2020 Deja Vu All Over Again

The more things change, the more they are the same goes an old French saying. When it comes to 2020 and 2016, it couldn’t be more true.

It was a little over a year ago that the “Grab her” Access Hollywood tape came out against Trump. Do you remember how devastating that was for the Trump campaign? You couldn’t listen to any commentary without being depressed – unless you were a liberal.

The liberals were jubilant. Couldn’t get enough of the preaching and moralizing about it. This from a group that loves Madonna’s … and saw the Podesta bros weird pedophilia art collection as, well, arty.
Trump was done, they all said and it was hard not to believe them.

Since then, they’ve thrown everything they can at him. Even getting sick and recovering quickly from it is condemnable.
As now, the polls showed Biden with a double digit lead, just as it did in 2016 with Hillary. Mainstream media considered the election over.

In the first debate, Hillary was considered the winner. The second debate was going to be calamitous for Donald J. Trump. He would be humiliated and might not even want to show up after the tapes appeared.

This year they don’t want the debates to happen in person either. The contrast between a healthy, energetic Trump and the pasty, fragile Biden – who could forget the topic or let loose his gaffe machine mouth – must be avoided. He lucked out the first time, but probably can’t maintain it two more times. Thus the virtual debate plan.

It all sounds too familiar.

J.B. Shurk at American Thinker reminds us “Psychological warfare is not some book chapter from a long ago war; it is what America endures this very moment. Everything about the 2020 election is an exercise in mentally torturing Trump voters and wearing down his support until surrender seems preferable, if not inevitable. The plague, the urban insurrection, the constant drumbeat of bad news will all disappear if Republicans only acquiesce to being ruled over permanently. It’s just a little prick; you won’t feel a thing. Every message pumped out by the mainstream media and echoed word for word by Democrat operatives posing as reporters is just propaganda meant to demoralize, not inform. Twitter and Facebook and CNN and The New York Times are all now just 2020 versions of Tokyo Rose, pleading with law-abiding Americans to submit or suffer. Every poll will be pushed to dampen Republican turnout. Every state contest will be framed as already over for Republican candidates. ‘Operation Demoralize’ will stay with us until we win.”

Yesterday Glenn Beck was asking on his radio show whether Trump has lost any of his 2016 voters. No. Has he gained voters? Yes. Are people talking to polls? No. Is the disgust with the NBA, which has seen ratings plunge after their embrace of Social Justice warriors, an indicator? Probably. Are pollsters hiking Democrat numbers in their polls and also using registered voters instead of likely voters? Yes.

How about the rallies? Once again, Trump draws tens of thousands. Biden 6 or 8. Individuals that is, not thousands. Is this enthusiasm an indicator of a loser?

This is the time to cover your ears from the mainstream media, unless you are a masochist. They don’t know what they are talking about. They only know to talk. The talk is ugly and it is persistent.

We’ll have to plow through several more rough weeks. Just as we did in 2016.

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