Are Midtown Attitudes on Guns Changing?

Yesterday someone put this up on Nextdoor:

“It’s so strange to me that we are amazed, frightened or startled when gunshots are heard throughout our communities when no one wants to give up their guns or put restrictions on gun ownership.”

I expected to see an almost unanimous positive response to this. That is, yes, we need more gun control, more restrictions, oppression of poor minorities, we don’t understand crime, etc.

This time, it got push back. Here are the replies, sprinkled with the original commenter’s responses:

Its not the guns, its the people! Memphis needs new leadership, across the board!! I’m never amazed of what goes on in Memphis, we have a murder every single day, and we are still voting for the same politicians, so what can we expect?

How is a politician supposed to baby sit people who just go out and kill other people in memphis?

Gun violence increase was expected after large spike in gun sales in March April. Public health research has repetitively linked the two fairly strongly.

Similar to the feigned surprise that people have unwanted pregnancies after minimal sex education. Public health has shown strong associations there as well.

There was a gun buy-back event here in 2017, where police offered gas, groceries and Grizzlies tix in exchange for firearms. How can we as a community prompt this to happen again?

No one is selling their guns

According to someone in a news article in the ca, 42percent of the homicides have been between people who knew each other. The mindset that you shoot people as one of the options to settle disputes is difficult to understand.

What restrictions would make a difference? Law abiding/licensed gun owners are not the ones shooting guns in the air or committing violent acts.

Original commenter: What about restrictions on those who have been accused of domestic violence, the mentally infirm, those threatening domestic violence, underaged and immature, those who do not have the capacity to store their weapons responsibly…

Original commenter: Mostly they are the ones storing their guns improperly, allowing their guns to be stolen or picked up by children.

Do you have any data to support that?

So it’s the gun owners fault someone else breaks into their car or home? Makes sense 🙄

Try focusing on the real issue. Criminals. Hard and heavy penalties for crimes committed with firearms, for stealing firearms or getting caught with a stolen firearm.

Yes, because the laws and restrictions on drugs work wonderfully. It’s impossible to buy a gun in Chicago, but yet they continually lead the country in gun violence.

Original: Just goes to show you most guns get in the wrong hands, those who can’t buy the weapons get them simply because they exist and are around.

Yeah not sure these are licensed guns we are hearing.

Original: Are you sure? Check with the police department to see how many guns are stolen everyday.

Of course it is the guns.. But that is the “American” way of life baby! Freedom to have everything, do everything, say everything. Some people genuinely believe guns will help them in their houses. Study after study says you are much more likely to die in your home if you have a gun. It is the wild-wild West, in all aspects baby.. That is why it is not possible to control covid, and won’t be with any president (not that I like Trump).

No, no.. I am talking people having guns in their homes to defend themselves and they get aggressive when there is an intruder and die in a gun fight. This is what statistics show is highly likely to happen..

“Get aggressive when there’s an intruder”??? Do you want to reread that?

Look, if you want to cower and beg for your life, your wife or daughter etc…. that’s your prerogative. Who’s to say they wouldn’t kill you anyway?

America is about freedom… if you don’t want a firearm… guess what? Don’t buy one! It’s that easy.

It used to be people were responsible for their actions and knew it. No more.

It is so strange to me that we are amazed, frightened or startled when gunshots are heard throughout our communities that there are individuals who want to give up their guns or put restrictions on legal and responsible gun ownership.

Always hesitant to start a “FB like” chain, but I do like your endorsement of “legal and responsible”. I’m not nearly expert on the subject, but what I’ve read points to the 2013 TN “guns in trunks” law, after which firearm thefts went up very significantly (~2.5x in Nashville, I believe). Have seen posts on here that many car break ins are related to looking for guns. If we really cared, we might revisit that decision, and ask the sheriffs and police chiefs of the state what their recommendations are.

Original: I have never needed a gun to defend myself nor my family. Thank God not guns!

I totally agree.. found are for killing people. Then we should allow machine guns, bazookas, missiles, they are to kill people too. Really, why not? Tell me the difference. I say include all, then we can all go down the drain quicker..

Those are just inconvenient to carry and my driveway won’t fit a tank AND my wife’s car so she probably wouldn’t go for it.

It’s Memphis people…what do you expect??

Original: I love Memphis people including you.

Just carry to protect yourself and be prepared to use it or stay as far away as you can which unfortunately means stay at home in this town…my daughters both carry and I’ve told them if you feel you have to pull it out, don’t hesitate or thugs will take it and use it against you…they have been trained so they know what to do if necessary

Original: Sorry you are so fearful and are spreading that fear into the atmosphere through your family.

Original: I learned how to deal with guns from the Andy Griffith Show. Andy was so wise. He only allowed Barney Fife to have one bullet. Maybe you are all too young to remember, but didn’t Barney shoot himself in the foot with that one bullet?

Having a gun for protection LEGALLY is our right! Having guns that are not registered and are to use for CRIME is NOT OK! The gun shots we hear are to kill people. They are shooting at each other and a random bullet will hit innocent people.
(nameed)…there is a big restriction on gun ownership..if you are a convicted felon you can not buy a handgun in a gun shop…there are background checks. But none of these gangsters buy guns in gun shops, they steal them or buy from their friends. What are you gonna do..?, send a dozen cops to search every house in Memphis all at once.?…

Original: I agree it is not ok when guns are used for crime but that is exactly what we allow to happen when just called get one, two or a zillion and they ultimately end up in the wrong hands

Original: Lawyers, we have a right to free speech but should we yell , FIRE in a crowded theatre?

We’re Americans, and truth is, many of us are not going to give up our firearms. Over the last decade, I have spent a bit of time (as a scientist) on Military bases in our recent “conflict zones”. Everyone is armed, often in Condition 3, with a full magazine. People are eating at the DFAC with slung weapons. There are seldom unintentional shootings or missing weapons. Why?
1) Everyone is trained and required to periodically re-qualify.
2) You personally are responsible for your weapon(s), and the process includes regular checks and record keeping by your superiors.
3) If you misplace a firearm, even if it is just to leave it in the head, your ass is going to be handed to you, battered and deep fried.
Most hunters are experienced, careful, and responsible gun owners. Plenty of people that carry for personal protection train to higher levels than is required by law, are responsible and aware of how dangerous firearms can be.
Unfortunately we don’t require that level of commitment from all gun-owners, and those people who have purchased and carry stolen firearms only have to follow one rule, “don’t get caught”.

Original: Keywords “conflict zones”. Are we in “conflict zones”. Some will say yes. Some will say no. I say possession of guns causes the likelihood of conflict. It emboldens those who would otherwise talk the conflict out rather than shoot it out.

What amazes me is that I hear gunshots several times a week, but I never hear any police sirens afterwards. What are people doing with their guns at that hour, if they’re not shooting at someone? Taking pot shots at rats? Shooting in the air?

Original: Well if you paid all this money for your weapon, license and “training” . You might want to practice and use what you have learned on live targets, right. You might even start to manufacture reasons.

Oh and this ain’t Mayberry

Lol…You are in a “conflict zone” if you haven’t figured that out yet…and yes prepared to use them on live targets if needed

We have guns but somehow I resist the urge to go out and murder someone!

If you leave your gun in a car and it’s stolen then you’re an idiot for allowing a gun to be in the hands of a criminal. Further, if you are the victim of a home burglary and a gun is stolen then, once again, you’re an idiot. I wish there were penalties against those whose guns are stolen due to their idiocy.

So the victim of the crime is at fault…

Good comment. Also, there’s an article in today’s NYT about loud cars in NYC and says one problem is a special kind of muffler that can sound like multiple gun shots. Being a Pollyanna, I hope that some of the gun shots are actually cars with those mufflers.
(New York Fantasy Times)
We could only wish!

We hear shoot outs over here all the time. I think Fortunately many of them are really crappy shooters because they don’t know what they’re doing and they’ve never been to a range and not supposed to have a gun in the first place. I also work in a hospital and I cannot tell you how many people walk in off the street or have their family members drop them off at the door people don’t always call the police you won’t always hear sirens. You certainly won’t hear sirens if they are looking for a shooter they will just flash their lights.

Would anyone support raising the penalty for stealing firearms? It’s only a misdemeanor currently.

I’m for imposing a penalty for allowing a gun to be stolen. How about you?

Kristopher Pappas There are laws against theft. There are no laws regarding stupid people and gun ownership.

So it’s currently only a minor misdemeanor to steal a firearm. Would you support increasing the penalty?

Also, yes, people are charged all the time if a child discharges a firearm that wasn’t secured.

All these are quite different from before. Maybe the BLM/Antifa riots changed some minds. Many residents would be shocked to find out how many of their Midtown neighbors are packing. They just don’t broadcast it.

I particularly liked the comment about Mayberry. This is no longer the city of the 1950s and earlier when Memphians didn’t even lock their doors. What happened? The family unit was assaulted, faith was cut back and it’s not surprising that our communities go downhill.

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