What Is Going On?

Last night Mark Levin was set to interview Rudy Giuliani on his show. Like me, many were interested in it.

Just before it went on, Levin tweeted (or parlered since that is where he has gone to protest Twitter’s treatment of him) that the President’s rally was taking up most of his show time, but to be sure and DVR it or catch it at 10 p.m.

Fine. We DVRd it and when we went to look at it this morning, it wasn’t there. Hm. So I went to YouTube and looked for it. I found it and started watching. But after 31 minutes (no ads), the show ended. It wasn’t finished.

Seems highly unusual.

This afternoon, in reading a piece from the American Thinker blog, the writer had placed the video of the show in the story and urged people to watch. Writer Thomas Lifson said to pay particular attention to the last 15 minutes.

Good, I figured I could watch it there.

No. “Video unavailable” came up. “This video has been removed by the uploader.”


What do they say? There are no coincidences? How desperate is Big Tech to keep the truth from us?

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