Debate: Whoppers, Interruptions, Scores

Same questions. Same issues. Same variety of liberal as moderator. Same format. Same slanted approach. Same interruptions by a biased moderator.

The final debate last night between President Trump and Joe Biden made me and other viewers feel like a kid who had to get a dose of cod liver oil. You knew you had to – in this case watch it – but the whole thing was painful and you never know if it does any good. It probably doesn’t. Personally I was glad they skipped the second debate. It was a reprieve from the whole painful exercise.

For conservatives it’s always like watching our gladiator enter the Roman coliseum as they release the lion. In this case it was a lioness, Kristin Welker of NBC. She tried to draw blood from Trump, but she didn’t succeed.

Immediately as it began, Welker brought up the Covid 19 response by Trump. Masks again! What is the liberal obsession with masks? I can only assume it’s beloved by them because they want to start forcing behavior and this is a big first step. If you can mandate that, the next step in reeducation becomes easier.

Welker claimed we have been experiencing “record cases” of Covid 19 in Tennessee. Have we? Our death count is one of the lower ones. Of course, facts never stop a liberal on the rampage.

Biden painted a very dark picture of our pandemic future. So bad he called it a “dark winter.” That’s true if he gets in office. He said we’ll lose at least 200,000 more to the disease. That was reckless speculation on his part, based on nothing except it shocks.

After a painful amount of time on this topic – about 25 minutes of a 90 minute debate – Welker moved on to the next liberal favorite topic: Russian voting interference. This gave Trump the entry he was looking for to bring up Joe’s corruption.

Trump mentioned the mayor of Moscow’s wife giving Hunter $3.5 million, “all that came out today,” the news conference by Tony Bobolinski before the debate and the “money the family” and “the Big Guy” were raking in.

Of course, Welker popped in to save Joe and cut Trump off; a technique she used frequently in the debate when Biden was flailing. Trump managed to have just the right touch on this topic. He pointed out the corruption, but he didn’t obsess with it.

Other topics touched on were health care (we’ll be subjected to Bidencare should he win); North Korea; “more people hungry now, especially women and people of color;” immigration (Trump asked “who built the cages, Joe” very effectively) and climate change (Trump scored by getting Biden to admit he’d get rid of fossil fuels). It was a litany of favorite liberal causes.

She served up the race issue with particular relish, as we knew she would. Welker framed it as minorities having “The Talk” with their kids about how they can expect to be targets of police. It’s a new narrative liberals like to push, but at least Welker refrained from the white supremacy question.

Trump rattled off an impressive list of accomplishments in rebuttal: prison reform, First Step Act, opportunity zones and money to historically black colleges. The president threw out that Biden didn’t do any of that in the eight years he and Obama were in office. Nor did he in the 47 years he’s been in government. He raised the same point several times in other issues. It drove his point home.

Throughout, Trump kept his cool, even throughout Welker’s interruptions. At one point she gave him ten seconds for a response. Ten seconds! How ridiculous! But Trump’s tone was presidential. He was commanding and in charge. He beat off all the assaults well.

As the night wore on, Biden got worn out. He began to look tired and stumbled. He also made some big bloopers along with lies and lying anecdotes.

In discussing Covid, Joe called the Midwest states “red states.” That’s news to Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

He said he never took any foreign money and that he and his family had never done anything “unethical.” Those were whoppers!

I counted at least six “Come on, man!”s and a “malarkey.” There may have been more. We’re all so used to his catch phrase I could have missed some.

Towards the end Biden began interrupting more and laughing nervously. There was a whiff of desperation. He kept on bringing up about being from Scranton, and old stories about being with his dad and noticing the oil on the windshield when he lived in Delaware.

Biden called the Proud Boys the Poor Boys. Slow Joe was winding down. This time, Trump let him ramble on, something he should have done at the first debate because it shows how incoherent he is.

Senator Rand Paul tweeted during the debate, “Hello 911. I’d like to report a murder: @realDonaldTrump is absolutely killing @JoeBiden on lockdowns, schools and the petty tyrants trying to ruin our economy and harm our children.”

That was about it.

Whether this dose of medicine we had to endure actually changes anything, well I doubt it. People tune in to see if anyone stumbles. Trump didn’t; Biden shuffled.

Like a colonoscopy, we are free of this procedure for another four years. Maybe by then they will have found a better way to do this. Obviously it’s not working now.

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