Ivanka Chooses Life

In 2016 it was unclear whether Ivanka Trump was pro choice or pro life.

She refused to answer a yes-or-no question about her opinions on abortion during an interview with Boston Public Radio. A dodge like that suggested she was pro choice but didn’t want to alienate Trump voters.

Happily, she has now embraced the pro life cause. Forbes reports:

In an interview with RealClearPolitics, Trump said that while she “respect(s) all sides of a very personal and sensitive discussion,” she is “pro-life, and unapologetically so.”

Trump said that “parenthood” has affected her thinking on this matter in a “profound” way, with an aide adding that “where the Democratic Party has gone” was also a huge driver for Trump, though it is not immediately clear what she meant by this.

While never explicitly stated, Trump’s revelation follows previous reports that she and husband Jared Kushner reached out to Planned Parenthood with a “bribe” to halt abortion services.

Welcome to the Party, Ivanka. It’s amazing what parenthood can do to people.

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