Midtowners Conflicted in Philly Death

A recent Nextdoor posting caught my eye.

It was in response to the shooting in Philadelphia. A black man with a knife went after policemen. They warned him and then when he didn’t stop, they shot and killed him. Thirty officers were hurt in the melee.

The guy had a bad rap sheet. He had been in prison twice and had convictions for an array of crimes that include assault, perjury, fleeing and eluding, escape and weapons offenses.

Here’s the first entry on the topic:

“There was a late night protest downtown last night for the man killed in Philly. Help me to understand why are these protests at such a late hour? Wouldn’t the protest be better during the day or early evening? This seems to be a whisper at a heavy metal concert.”

Was this guy advocating for a bigger, better protest?
Subsequent replies were enlightening. It’s a fascinating look into Midtowners’ minds.

I don’t see any way this post can go off the rails…….

Yes XXX it seems to me also that the message would be better expressed during more daylight hours. Not to mention be more safe!

I think anyone trying to protest is caught in a catch-22 situation. If done during the day, then there is more traffic. Which means more complaints about holding up traffic. And more danger to anyone in the march. Seems there isn’t a perfect time.

The protest was from 7-9pm, I believe. I think they schedule them so people can get home from work/school, grab a bite, and then attend.

If they protested during the day people would say “why aren’t these people at work?” Oh wait…they do that anyway. It’s protesting, it’s not confined to a certain time of day. Maybe that was the best time for the most people to come.

Where are the protests for the all the homicides we’ve encountered in the city over the past year?….

Do you think a protest will affect people that murder?

The man killed in Philly was armed with a knife and threatening the police.

True, he was also mentally challenged. That is the reason his family is against charging the police. But want more spent on police officers being trained to handle this type of person

Anyone protesting the Philly police shooting is immune to facts and reason. This one was clearly justified, in self-defense against a guy who was charging police with a knife as they were attempting to retreat…What’s really insane is that 11 looters were shot by other looters trying to rob each other of stolen goods. From 36 businesses that were destroyed, in minority communities, that created livelihoods for countless families.

You’ve got to be kidding!

What I hate so much is we fault the cops every step of the way. Most do not know the whole story. There are a hell of a lot more good cops out than bad. The media only shows the bad ones. They don’t show the one that was called to a shoplifting call and instead of arresting the woman he bought her a trunk load of groceries to feed her children.

The media does play up the bad, but that is what sells papers (yeah, I know most wont know what a newspaper is).

Shooting to wound is not a viable option. You shoot to stop the threat. If a person has enough adrenaline running thru them a non lethal wound probably won’t stop them. Even using a taser has little affect on someone with a high level of adrenaline and/or drugs.

Multiple shots in the legs and the guy will NOT be coming at you, at least not fast enough that you can’t safely retreat. The mindset that “he’s coming at me w/ a weapon so he’s a dead man” has to be changed. We have to find another option. If it’s a lone cop and he has only a couple of shots – yea – but so many of these shootings are multiple cops unloading clips.

I also think these dialogues have done a lot of good, cause as mentioned before gun shots are happening as I’m typing lol. White privileged liberals keep putting money into NFPs to reduce crime and aide the homeless, last time I checked you all still live in your fancy shmancies and drive the same and you’re pockets books aren’t hurting and the number of homeless are still Hugh (sic) just as the homicide rates. You’re touted pushes for blacks to vote democratic are only helping your Democratic Party incumbents that you may or may not personally, but some on here certainly have ties.”, and it helps the more you donate the more voice you have. Let me paint a picture of an infamous quote by LBJ, not in writing, but in hearsay, we can all agree that this is slowed because hearsay is permitted on all sides politically.LBJ quoted as saying: I’ll Have Those N*****s Voting Democratic for 200 Years’. Now I don’t have evidence as I wasn’t alive, but I could 100% believe this “COULD,” be true.

There’s no reason to think LBJ ever said that. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/lbj-voting-democratic/

Of course, he MIGHT have said it. But then monkeys MIGHT come flying out of my arse.

You’ve obviously got a lot to say here, but confusing memes with facts will not help you make your point.

So to the many privileged whites in this neighborhood, stop acting like you’ve done things. Put your money, words and actions into play, or don’t, but none of ya should be talking about this shit, if you’re not willing to play your part, many more will be hitting the streets in days ahead. And you all act like you’re so giving. But I all I see is words typed.

Here’s a suggestion go into these neighborhoods and play your part. I’ve got friends all over and i go kick it, but I don’t have the money to dress affluent and can handle my own and I can speak their dialogue, because I value all lives and my money and my politics are unanimous to my black brothers and sisters and they’re not numbers to me to share with the few whites people I know of

Please rich whites open your eyes

I’ve read your posts a few times over. I think I understand, but I’m not quite sure. I’ll just say this:
I am not rich.
I live in a small house.
I drive a modest car.
I volunteer at First Congo and at Mariposas.
I taught NYC children from a variety of economic, racial, and religious backgrounds.
I think we can do better.

Sorry for the truthful words… I just don’t hold back

I have nothing in my life, so why hold back. I’m sure I’ve seen some of you on my walks walking the 2 miles to Kroger, and I see your homes and fancy cars and not coming from your guys’s bread of life, it’s a shame of what I read and get on here, some of its just plain funny, to someone who is truly struggling and to see things you all truly complain about, a shame. And the same goes to the 1%er black populous of this city, turn their noses to the problems as well. Somehow most of those who have investments spread make money off of chaos which down the rabbit hole, includes the socio-economic disparities, and included in that comes the rapacious murders and across the country, in general. I know many will scoff at most of my remarks, but the few who have open mind will understand and to those few I say thank you

But there are many of us who are no where close to being rich.
Like XXX I live in a small home, drive a modest car, still being paid for, and I have volunteered often. I admit at 71 my volunteering days are not as often as they were. And I think we can do better.

Edward Greene what you may not have I pocket, is in the assets and investments beyond your legitimate wallets, I don’t think I’m speaking out of line, I will say for those who didn’t come from wealth and truly worked hard for their money behind a desk, I do humbly apologize, but to others through trusts and intermingled families of hierarchy and influence in this city, I do not

I hope I don’t lose my life for calling out rich whites. I know what you all are capable of, even though I don’t seriously have but $20 bucks to my name, period, it makes me think of the inner dealings that took the life of phil trenary, I’m pretty sure it had to with connections and deals going through the chamber and who knows what else, but it was absolutely a set up and it’s funny how no one else ever mentioned again 🤣🤣🤣

I’m totally getting off this APP. But before I do, “What are you doing for your neighbor?”

Looks like the SJWs are conflicted. They enjoy seeing themselves as heroic and for the repressed minorities, yet one of them shoots them down – figuratively speaking.

I wonder if any of them even know the name of the Philadelphia man who was shot.

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