Love and Hate in Midtown

There is a house we pass in Midtown while walking. The Halloween after the 2016 election this house had a dummy Trump hanging from a noose.
This year they have gone a little soft. A mummy with Trump’s head is tied to a tree. Of course, Biden signs are everywhere in the yard and yards across from it.
Midtown Republicans have become hardened to the anger of our Democrat neighbors. They steal our signs and put up other signs showing how they are so much more tolerant than the rest of us. Most of us shrug it off.

For the actual day of Halloween this year, the aforementioned house had something new. They added a sign that blamed Trump for Covid 19 and because of Trump there would be no Halloween candy for kids this year.
I was surprised by the naked anger of it.
Then I read that Leftist sites are urging their brethren to see to it that Trump supporters should be punished. Here’s one:

They are also advocating for riots, should Trump win. We are warned to have enough gas in our cars and groceries in our homes to withstand a week of rioting.

This is who they are.

Meanwhile, there is pushback.

I was happy to hear the priest at my church openly say that while he did not propose we vote for a certain candidate, that voting for someone who condones and pushes abortion is evil and sinful. He even went so far as to add that should you do that, coming to communion after that would be another sin of sacrilege.
He said that as a shepherd he could not go before God if he permitted parishioners to think that.

It is a starkly easy choice in this election. Forces of darkness vs. the children of the light.

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