Covid Numbers Unbelievable

Now Great Britain has joined other European countries and declared a lockdown starting Thursday for one month.

France started a lockdown last week. Traffic was jammed as everyone tried to get out, after stopping for one last restaurant meal, apparently.

The lockdown deadline was 9 pm – an odd time. You wonder if all this accomplishes is to spread the disease to the countryside.

Germany has started a lockdown, too.

I don’t believe science is driving this. I believe politics is behind it. Governments like having citizens under their thumbs.

I don’t believe the Covid 19 numbers either. I think you could halve the number they propose and it would be closer to the truth.

We are kept in the dark on how the numbers are manufactured.

Political commenter and cartoonist Scott Adams tweeted, @ScottAdamsSay “For a laugh, see how the CDC estimates the number of regular influenza deaths. It’s so absurd they can’t even describe it coherently.” He links to this:

and here’s a sample of their gobbeldygook:

First, rates of influenza-associated hospitalizations are based on data reported to the Influenza Hospitalization Surveillance Network (FluSurv–NET) that are current as of the time estimates are made. Final case counts may differ slightly as further data cleaning is conducted by FluSurv–NET sites. The most updated crude rates of hospitalization for FluSurv-NET sites are available on FluView Interactive (8).

Second, national rates of influenza-associated hospitalizations and in-hospital death are adjusted for the frequency of influenza testing and the sensitivity of influenza diagnostic assays, using a multiplier approach (3). However, data on testing practices during the current season may not be available at the time of estimation. In such cases, we adjust rates using data from prior seasons. Burden estimates from a given season will be updated at a later date when data on contemporary testing practices become available.

Third, estimates of influenza-associated illness are made by multiplying the number of hospitalizations by the ratio of illnesses to hospitalizations; estimates of medical visits are made by a similar process. These multipliers are based on data from prior seasons, which may not be accurate if patterns of care-seeking have changed.

Fourth, our estimate of influenza-associated deaths relies on information about location of death from death certificates. However, death certificate data for a given season may not be available at the time of estimation. When this occurs, we use death certification data from prior influenza seasons where these data are available from the National Center for Health Statistics. Specifically, our model uses the frequency of influenza-associated deaths that have cause of death related to pneumonia or influenza (P&I), other respiratory or cardiovascular (other R&C), or other non-respiratory, non-cardiovascular (non-R&C) to account for deaths occurring outside of a hospital by cause of death. If these frequencies are not available from a given season at the time of estimation, we use the average frequencies of each cause from previous seasons.

Fifth, estimates of burden were derived from rates of influenza-associated hospitalization, which is a different approach than the statistical models used in older published reports. This makes it difficult to directly compare our estimates for seasons since 2009 to those older reports, though the estimates from our current method are largely consistent with estimates produced with statistical models for similar years (9-10). However, it is useful to keep in mind that direct comparisons to influenza disease burden decades ago are complicated by large differences in the age of the US population and the increasing number of adults aged ≥65 years.

I look at coronavirus statistics every day on Worldometer/coronavirus. It does not appear to me that the numbers here are skyrocketing. The testing has become so widespread that many are getting one. But even then, a positive does not mean these people are having any bad reaction to it. Nor have the deaths in the UK, France or Germany appeared to skyrocket.

With a vaccine almost here and therapeutics effective, coronavirus is being used as a scare tactic by Democrats and the media.

No one truly understands the virus. Few people I know even know someone who has had it, much less die from it. Then there is almost no flu or cold outbreak, which again makes me think that they do not understand much about the virus or herd immunity.

Yet suicides are up – more than doubled.

Time to go back to normal.

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