Election Day Strategy

Today and tonight will be tough days for committed Americans. We recognize only too well that the fate of our nation hangs in the balance.

It is a daunting thought. Two hundred plus years of liberty could be gone if Trump loses the election.

I do not think he will lose, but today will put everyone’s mettle to the test.

So what to do? How to get through it?

First, vote if you haven’t already. My precinct has reportedly had 66% of voters already cast ballots. Much as I detest early voting, I have done so already, too. Part of it has to do with Covid 19. No one wants to come down with it right before election and be unable to vote for Trump. Then there is the all too real possibility of voter intimidation. I also find it stressful to stand in line with people I know who are arrogantly Democrat. I opted to avoid that this year.

But if you haven’t done so, vote today.

Second, avoid media all day if you can. It’s tempting to take a peek and see what’s going on. The problem is, though, no one really knows what’s going on. We only know what we are told. Since 98% of that comes from liberal media, it’s not going to be good news. You will only stress yourself out. Watch reruns or cooking shows or something already recorded, but do not turn on news shows or even talk radio. It will only ramp up your anxiety.

Definitely do not listen to exit polls. Again, they are routinely wrong. They are a way of suppressing the vote and cruelly playing with the emotions of conservatives. They mean nothing. They are manipulated and harmful.

It probably isn’t helpful to check on the election before 9 p.m. They may even call states for Biden before the results have finished tabulating. Remember how early Florida was called for Gore? That news kept a lot of people from going to the polls in the panhandle of Florida, a Republican stronghold. Bush won that state anyhow.

I find it more helpful to check on Twitter. Conservatives are keeping up with vote tallies there and have a better idea of how it’s going than the news stooges. Many get their vote feed directly from secretaries of state; probably the most accurate measure.

Don’t forget the good signs for Trump, too. It’s hard to imagine that anyone who voted for him in 2016 has decided they are for Biden. The Democrats have not worked at all to divert any Trump voters. Instead, they have insulted us, bullied him and made our lives miserable. The same number who elected him in 2016 are still there and eager to vote again for him.

Then there are the rally sizes. Huge. Biggest ever, even bigger than for the messianic Obama. The GOP busily gets the info of all who attend and follows up to make sure they know to vote. The GOP has also had a ground game for two years. We got stung in 2018 and many remedies were taken to avoid that. They and Trump are not taking anything for granted.

Don’t forget the power of prayer. I’ve never seen so many people of all denominations actively praying. It does move mountains. Stop by a church and go in for a few minutes to communion with the Lord. Your voice along with many will count. It will also help to steady you for the rest of the day.

If the Lord could protect Donald Trump against Hillary and the Clintons in 2016; against the rabid Dems’ impeachment hoax; against the Deep State working like termites to unseat him; against the relentless media assault – the name calling and lying; against Deep Staters working against him; and a virus sent by the Chinese. He will once again prevail.

It’s down to getting through a few more hours now.

Think of what the next four years under Trump will be like. He will make America great again, again.

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