We Now Know Better What Dems Have Been Up to

The Democrats knew what we knew: everyone who voted for Trump in 2016 would vote for him again in 2020. In addition, many more who didn’t vote for him would vote for him in 2020.

That means that Trump would once again win the electoral college.

If you’re a power mad/corrupt/Soros controlled Democrat – sorry to be repetitive – your candidate would not win. What to do?

First, get someone corrupt and malleable as your candidate. Lunch bucket Joe suited the bill. Since all he cares about is money to fund his family and his own desire to become a president himself, Biden was a good candidate. Bernie, Fauxahontas & the rest would probably want to get out and campaign and show their Communist sides. That might be a turnoff for the American people who still need to have Socialism and Communism introduced stealthily until the crop of propagandized millennials becomes a majority.

The Left had been preparing for this showdown for years. In 2018 they made sure (through Soros money and media help) that swing state governors up for election would have the Democrats win. You had Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina see Democrat governors. Pennsylvania got a Democrat governor, too. I smelled trouble back then.

Add to it that the Soros machine had poured substantial money into State AG races in many states. Our side pretty much ignored that, but these races hold the key to much of what happens legally, as is evident in the harsh Covid response and lack of response to Antifa riots. Our own Amy Weirich, when she comes up for re-election, is likely to feel the obstacle of Soros money for her opponent.

If you watched election night, did you notice that when the voting in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina showed Trump in the lead, they stopped the voting.

Apparently middle of the night is a favorite time to sneak in phony ballots and obviously that’s what they did. There are even videos of trucks arriving in Detroit with ballots at 3 a.m. Postal employees told Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe that they were explicitly told to stamp them with a November 3 postmark even though it was illegal.

Now more vote scandals are popping out in every swing state.



He was right.

Many of us make the connection between Biden and China. Could it have been that China contacted him (more likely his retinue because he’s out of it) and told them they would now release one of their Wuhan special viruses? In that way, they would weaken Trump support as people got scared and worried.

Funny that Biden used the term “dark winter” in the last debate. If you google it, it refers to an operation in 2001. Here’s what it says: “Dark Winter’s simulated scenario involved an initial localized smallpox attack on Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with additional smallpox attack cases in Georgia and Pennsylvania. The simulation was then designed to spiral out of control. This would create a contingency in which the National Security Council struggles to determine both the origin of the attack as well as deal with containing the spreading virus. By not being able to keep pace with the disease’s rate of spread, a new catastrophic contingency emerges in which massive civilian casualties would overwhelm America’s emergency response capabilities.

“The disastrous contingencies that would result in the massive loss of civilian life were used to exploit the weaknesses of the U.S. health care infrastructure and its inability to handle such a threat. The contingencies were also meant to address the widespread panic that would emerge and which would result in mass social breakdown and mob violence. Exploits would also include the many difficulties that the media would face when providing American citizens with the necessary information regarding safety procedures.”

We don’t even know yet the depth of corruption that happened in this election. Will we?

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