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Friday night I watched “Man in the Arena” on Amazon. It’s a favorable story about Fox founder Roger Ailes. A lot of it is stuff we already know, but the most illuminating parts concerned Ailes’ plan to launch a rival to Fox News after he was forced to leave there. He did not like the direction they were headed.

Ailes’ stewardship at Fox gave owner Rupert Murdoch wealth in the billions. Rupert was content with that, but his sons began to eat away at their relationship and ultimately triumphed over Ailes. The sexual harassment brought up against him, for all I know, was a plot launched by James and Lachlan.

All this is relevant in the context of what Fox has done the past few months, culminating in yesterday’s declaration that Joe Biden had won the presidency.

No objective organization would say that. Votes have not been certified in a single state. Saturday’s news was no different than Friday’s news. If anything, more examples of fraud materialized.

What gives? James and Lachlan are Lefties. One of the wives is a big believer in global warming/climate change. I guess being left out of the cool Manhattan gatherings was eating away at them. The moment they saw opportunity, they came out of the closet. So much for fair and balanced. The unafraid part is still true. Unafraid of the tsunami backlash building against them.

It must be devastating to poor Shepherd Smith. He jumped ship too soon only to land a crap job at CNBC where he is failing. He was last seen crying in his beer at missing out on the big Fox Left-fest.

Meanwhile the average Fox watcher is livid. Seething. We all feel betrayed. The alarming thing, too, was that they opened the flood gates for all the other networks and media to declare – falsely – that Biden is president elect. The Murdochs must be drooling at the thought of all those chichi parties that await.

On Twitter, viewers were furious, especially at Bret Baier. Comments ran 100 to 1 against him. I found it interesting that there was nothing from Laura Ingraham, Brian Kilmeade or Tucker Carlson considering the Fox announcement. Sean Hannity did tweet, saying “The presidency is chosen by electors from all 50 states, not news organizations riven with bias.” Greg Gutfeld snapped back at someone who asked if he was getting out of Fox now. “Hell no. I love Fox. I love my coworkers and my awesome shows and I don’t take career advice from people on twitter. But take care!”

I would think you would want to know what your fans thought, but as many say, the media is the only company that disdains what its customers want.

As for Dan Bongino, he had some cryptic remarks on his YouTube show Friday. They now appear much clearer. He said he had a big decision to make that had nothing to do with his health. He tweeted, “You have no idea how bad the shit going on behind the scenes really is right now.
DO NOT think for a moment that entities who were your friends, are your friends now. The wheat and the chaff are separating.”

Sounds like he should bolt. He would retain his conservative integrity and retain his growing audience.

As of yesterday Fox confirmed it. Their new motto is “We report. We decide.”

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