What Else Is There?

If you are still watching Fox you are participating in their scam.

Fox Business, too.

Fortunately, there are many more outlets available now.

Some cable systems include Newsmax. If not, you can get them on Roku. I particularly like Greg Kelly Reports. He was at Fox a few years ago and did a good job there until someone maliciously threw the arrow of sexual harassment at him and he had to leave. His dad is Ray Kelly, former NYPD police chief.

Sean Spicer also has a show there along with Michelle Malkin, Howie Carr, Diamond and Silk and Bob Sellers, also a Fox News alum. You can go to newsmaxtv.com to find out how to connect with them.

OAN – One America News – is another excellent outlet, if you can get it. They had an intelligent discussion on election night, refusing to call Arizona and recognizing that it was premature of Fox to call it. Reporters Jack Posobiec and Chanel Rion (White House correspondent) are excellent. Follow them on Twitter. They always have up to the minute breaking news.

YouTube has many shows to choose from. The First features Jesse Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, Dana Loesch and Buck Sexton. Dan Bongino is a staple there, too. Try American Thought Leaders which is a very intelligent interview show of top conservative thinkers. They don’t cut off people because of time restrictions, something that Fox News does in a very annoying way.

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