What to Do

This is making the rounds among conservatives and worth considering.

“71 million Trump voters. It’s time we really fight back! Please share with every Trump supporter you know! We need to be as impactful as we can starting November 13th.

It’s time to mobilize! It’s time we put forth the power we truly hold in this country. This working class truly is the heart of America. We are being tested.

Starting November 13th:

Step 1: Move to Parler and exit Facebook and Twitter

Step 2: Turn off the TV. Do not tune into CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS or any other mainstream media stations. Tune into OAN or Newsmax.

Step 3: November 13th-December 1st. Do not spend any money on Amazon or any large retailers. Support only small businesses.

We do not loot, we don’t burn, we don’t turn to violence, we do things differently.”

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