Why Trump Won Michigan

If you really want to know what happened in Michigan, watch the video below.

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT graduate who is highly respected in scientific fields, took a look at four counties in Michigan. What he found shows, from a scientific perspective, that a computer algorithm changed votes from Trump to Biden.

While this video is a long explanation, stick with it because even a novice can understand the overwhelming evidence that the vote was tampered with. There is no such thing as a glitch. A computer can’t do that on its own.

Dr. Ayyadurai and his fellow experts came to this conclusion:

-Algorithm moves Trump votes to Biden
-As precincts increase with a higher % of Republicans, greater % of Trump votes are transferred to Biden
-The more the precinct was Republican, the more % of Trump votes are transferred to Biden in that precinct
-The slope of the discount to Trump’s votes is the same for each county
-Wayne County had no algorithm detected.

In addition, Dr. Ayyadurai found out that “there is an organization called the national association of state election directors. This organization is a non profit controlled by organizations like Rockefeller brothers and by the MURDOCH company. Those organizations control the NASED – or fund them.” He was taken down by Twitter when he started realizing the vote was wrong at the request of that organization and the state of Massachusetts.

He also concludes and recommends:

-The inputs and the outputs to our voting system are unverifiable (that means that a record of your vote is not kept)
-Open source software
-Handmarked paper ballots
-Save ballot images pursuant to Federal Law
-Automatic audits
-Publish precinct level data (“poll tapes”) on election night

This was really a shocking video that every American needs to see. We haven’t had fair elections in decades.


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