What If Arizona Started the Coup

Anyone who watched the election coverage had to have the same response when Fox News called Arizona for Biden.

It was still early in the vote totals – at least 25% of Arizona hadn’t been tallied – yet Fox’s “decision desk” insisted Biden had won.

Many Americans had a “what the hell” moment. It just seemed dodgy. It didn’t smell right. And then other networks took up the call and repeated it.

I was watching on OAN and their news desk was incredulous. They pointed out that too much of the vote was out. They refused to call it and were flabbergasted at what Bret Baier had done.

But what if that had been the plan all along? What if the network and its liberal allies had planned on this once they saw that Trump was leading in so many states. Was it a signal to computer people to start amending the tallies?

It was shortly after that call that the vote tallies stopped. We got very little out of Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Was this part of the fraud?

As mentioned in a previous post, Murdoch and Rockefellers control the national association of state election directors. In addition, conservative writer Paul Sperry fingers Arnon Mishkin. He is the Fox election decision desk chief analyst who called Arizona prematurely for Biden and potentially suppressed Trump votes in Nevada. Mishkin is a registered Dem who voted for Hillary & shelled out $4,000+ for Obama & Dems, according to FEC & voting records.

It’s intriguing, too, that Saturday Fox called the election for Biden, even with all the votes up in the air. Then, again, other networks followed suit and declared Biden won. Why Fox? Was someone directing this?

In 2018 Fox also jumped early to the conclusion that Republicans had lost the House. Then some of the California races that were looking good, ended up in Democrat hands.

Is all this the dreaded conspiracy theory that must be ignored? Or do you believe your lying eyes and ears?

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