Sidney Powell Joins Rush Show

Rush Limbaugh was unable to host his show today, but guest host Mark Steyn did and he had an interview with Trump attorney Sidney Powell.

In the brief time she had on the air, Ms. Powell reinforced much of the information she gave to Maria Bartiromo on her show yesterday. The “fire hose” of information she was getting yesterday is now a “tsunami.” She fingered the Dominion voting system as the culprit; that it was designed by Venezuela to rig elections for Chavez and Maduro there; that it sent votes from swing states over to Frankfurt, Germany then to Barcelona, Spain before returning to the U.S. to the New York Times.
In other words, she said, we had “Communists counting our votes and deciding how our election turns out.

“After they ran the votes in Germany, they could alter and fix it in Barcelona,” Powell said. She knows they did this because the “manual tells you they can change votes, trash votes, add votes, manipulate anyway they want to be done. Some of my experts immediately identified the algorithm that was being run to change the vote. It was changed to run 67% for Biden and votes were injected in that way sometimes just 20 minutes apart,” she said. “They hadn’t calculated it high enough because Trump was winning.

“The people who say there is no evidence of fraud are the ones who want to cover it up. The whole system was so hackable a 15-year-old could do it. It’s a national security threat that the military should be investigating,” Powell said. “We have Chinese money influencing Venezuela.”

Powell continued. “I am livid that the FBI and CIA won’t look into it. The Deep State guys who claimed this was a very honest election have been fired. A hundred Dominion employees have taken their names off the website. They are scrubbing like crazy.”

Powell then discussed certifications.
“Any state that thinks they’re going to certify the election will have to rethink it seriously because they’ll be certifying their own fraud.
Legislatures and states need to take control right now and reject the certifications.” She recommends class action lawsuits to stop it. Powell has set up a website for people to provide more information. (Interestingly, when you go to that site you get “internal server error.”)

In addition, she notes that “people who bought them (Dominion voting sytems) for their states got special benefits on the side.” She suggested she has “special concerns” that Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia, and the Georgia Secretary of State did. “They rushed the Dominion machines into the state.” Powell doesn’t have much hope that the recount will alter anything. In fact, “they are doing the recount to show that our accusations of the Dominion voting system being a fraud will show that it’s a hoax.”

Steyn asked her if she thought the whole mess would end up in the Supreme Court.

Powell said she does.
Steyn asked if John Roberts “has the appetite for it?”
“If that isn’t big enough for him to take the case he should be impeached.”
She said she feels “optimistic” that the truth is going to get out, but cautioned that “people are trying to suppress it, even in our own government.”

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