Outfoxing Themselves

How fair and unafraid is Fox News?

Well, decide yourself when you see what Brit Hume tweeted. He asked, “Good question —> President Trump blames the election result on Dominion’s systems. Where’s the evidence?” He was echoing a story from the Wall Street Journal.

Seriously? Has he been looking at the news on the election? Pick your state. Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Pennsylvania; reports are full of late arriving ballots, no signature matches on mail votes, votes appearing out of nowhere, vote totals of 89% and higher in a state and votes that come in 100% for one candidate.

Has he lived in a vacuum, news bubble or been in places where all communication has been cut off?

Chances are no.

Looks like he’s cow towing to the Murdoch bros and Paul Ryan, their willing stooge.

I used to have a little respect for Hume. He did a good job on Special Report in his day. But now Fox is full of people like Bret Baier who masquerades as a conservative but is, most appropriately, a fox.

They supposedly got a public relations firm to help them since their ratings decline after they bumbled on Arizona and called the election for Biden, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Wonder why?

Even Fox & Friends has felt the wrath of former viewers. MSNBC’s Morning Joe just beat F&F. This is the first time in 19 years they haven’t been number one for cable morning news shows. They’ve dropped 45% of their viewership.

They’re not the only ones.

Here are Fox ratings losses on Monday over 2 weeks:

Cavuto -52%

Baier -46%

McCallum -45%

Ingraham -45%

Hannity -39%

Carlson -33%

While I like Hannity and tolerate Laura, they have the same guests on night after night. Maybe they are Carlson need to think about moving before their credentials are forever compromised like Bret Baier’s.
Or, if we have to seen an episode, we’ll catch it on YouTube.
They can prance around pretending to be in tune with their audience, but it is increasingly evident that is just a pose. They are all happy to take the Fox paycheck.

Can’t promise that will work out so well in the future.

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